Warning Signs of an Inadequate Daycare

Factors that Indicate an Inadequate Daycare

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There may be times in your toddler’s life when you will need to take her to daycare because you’re busy with work or for another reason.

Daycare can be useful for your child. She will get to interact and play with other babies and work on her social skills. Nevertheless, not every daycare popping around the street corner is suitable for your child. Besides, you can tell a daycare is not right for your child if your lookout for these warning signs:

Factors that Indicate an Inadequate Daycare

  1.  They Lack Respect for your Concerns

A daycare that does not respect your concerns is most definitely one that is doing things behind your back that you don’t approve of. If you have concerns and the staff at the daycare center either ignore you or respond rudely to your concerns, remove your child immediately. Your child’s safety may be compromised, and they can take it out on her. Never think you’re overprotective, and when it comes to your child, you better be safe than sorry.

  1. They Have Frequent Staff Changes or Inadequate Coverage

Children need some form of stability and consistency. No doubt, a daycare that keeps changing its staff weekly or monthly has a problem. It can become confusing for your child if she keeps on seeing new faces all the time and has to start forming relationships all over again. Also, be on the lookout for staff shortages. You don’t want to leave your baby in a daycare that does not have enough staff to watch over the children. We must guard our children always because anything can go wrong.

  1. Low Cleanliness and Safety Standards

Toddlers have a developing immune system, which makes them more vulnerable to contamination and diseases. So, avoid Daycares that have no running and clean water, inadequate changing areas, dirty toys, and other unclean habits. You should not compromise on your child’s health. A good daycare should also have a sense of security, which includes security cameras, a security guard, fire exit strategy, and any other safety precautions. Children are defenseless and cannot protect themselves in a time of danger. You need to be sure that someone will be there to take care of them when something goes wrong.

  1. Lack of Communication

Daycares should have a system of communicating with parents about their children. A daycare that doesn’t notify parents when something terrible like an injury happens to a child while the parents are not around is not the safest place to have your child. Accidents should not be covered up. Transparent communication should exist between you and the staff.

  1. Vague or undocumented policy

Every daycare should have policies regarding lost children, injuries, and similar issues. Policies aim to guarantee adequate protection for you and your child.

If the daycare has no documented policies, or you find it hard to comprehend such policies, move on. Do not risk leaving your child with them.


Final thought

After nine months in your womb and all the tears, sweat, and sleepless nights of raising your child, you cannot afford to leave your child with just any daycare.





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