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Toddlers Hair Pulling Habit: Is it normal?

Should moms be Worried about their Toddlers Hair pulling Habit?


Toddlers’ hair-pulling behavior: what is it…seems to be the questions on every mom’s lips who are new to the habit.

By now, you have observed that your toddler has various habits that can get you worried. Toddlers do things that can wear you out, but they are quite reasonable. Your toddler has one peculiar habit that is downright odd and can get you asking yourself so many questions. This is hair pulling or twirling.

toddlers Hair pulling habit: A Mysterious but Soothing behavior 

For toddlers, hair pulling is an activity that helps to soothe them. You will notice that your child twirls her hair when she is stressed, bored, or in many cases, just before bedtime. Yes, toddlers do have some form of ‘baby stress.’ Pulling her hair helps her to wind down. Children who are more anxious than others also tend to have this behavior.

The hair pulling habit is not something that should trouble you that much. It is nothing but a self-comforting activity that all toddlers do, and a pediatrician will tell you that it is quite reasonable. By age three or four, they will have outgrown the habit. And your baby is not going to pull off all her hair follicles. Besides, she is not in pain as she does it; otherwise, she wouldn’t do it in the first place.

Nevertheless, there are instances when the hair-pulling or twirling persists even when the child is past four years. Then there could be something wrong. In such instances, you will find that the child is not only pulling their hair, but he or she is uncommunicative, seems to be always engaged in one or more self-comforting activities and never likes to be touched. These are all indicators of a much deeper problem.

Toddlers only twirl the hair on their heads. If your child starts to pull their eyebrows or eyelashes, it could be something more severe than just a self-comforting habit. These are symptoms of a condition known as trichotillomania, and your child is going to need further evaluation.

Fixing your Toddlers Hair pulling Habit

Can you do anything to stop your child from pulling her hair?

Yes, you can. There are different approaches you can use to help curb this kind of behavior in your toddler. These include:

  1. Never try to force your child to stop twirling her hair

    You should also keep from always calling attention to the hair twirling because it is more likely to increase than reduce. The alternative is to acknowledge her behavior and talk to her so that you can understand why that behavior is happening.

  2. Give your child opportunities to find other activities

    That can help them release the buildup pressure. Encourage them to try physical activities like dancing, or riding a bike.

  3. Be aware of what is going on around your home

    You must be attentive to what may be the cause of stress for your toddler. Anything from arguing with your partner to a change of a caregiver can stress out your toddler.

  4. Replace the hair twirling behavior with another habit

You can offer your toddler a stuffed animal or a doll with hair.

Final Thought 

Your toddler will have this hair-pulling trick among many other quirky behaviors. It is what makes her unique. She will outgrow them soon enough.






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