How to Discipline Your Toddler – Parenting Tips

Best toddler discipline practices for parents


How to discipline your toddler for good is something you should consider as a responsible mother. The early years of childhood are the formative years of a child. The behavior he or she learns at this time is what he will follow when he grows older. Therefore, you need to take disciplining your toddler with the weight it deserves.

Here are some helpful tips for disciplining your toddler:

1. Be a good role model: How to discipline your toddler for good starts with you

Toddlers are quite observant. They notice and copy your behavior. Be the role model for the character you would like to see in your toddler. Acting by examples is how best you can discipline your toddler.

2.  Act immediately: procrastination steals the show on how to discipline your toddler 

It is a mistake to procrastinate disciplining your toddler. When he does something wrong, correct him at that moment and not later. Delayed discipline is equivalent to no discipline.

3.  Expect rough spots: discipline and toddler are not a bed of roses

Come to think of it; you probably didn’t like your mom’s disciplinary actions when you were a toddler. However, your mom did not stop when you cried, because she knows it’s best for you.  Now it’s your turn as a mum to apply the same principle in respect of your child.

Expect there to be times when he cries or throws a tantrum because of your discipline, but don’t relent, it is an integral part of growing up. Don’t apologize for disciplining your child.

4.  Don’t say “no” 20 times a day

It beats the point if you keep saying “no” 20 times in a day. Once you say no, let it be a done deal and don’t go back on your decision. Otherwise, saying no too many times will cause it to lose its effectiveness.

5.  Be patient: A great Virtue on how to Discipline your Toddler

Be patient with your toddler. In any case, he is just a toddler and not a grownup who can make decisions by himself.

 6.  Don’t yell

Yelling usually feels as though you hate your child. You don’t need to yell at toddlers. Just speak calmly and softly even while correcting or disciplining them. 

7.  Stand by your words

Once you have made yourself clear, stand by those words. Don’t go back on them because then your toddler will never take you seriously again.

8.  Don’t hit your toddler in anger

Never hit your child when you’re extremely angry. The reasons are obvious. One, you could cause them serious bodily injury in your anger, and two, hitting always is never a guarantee of inculcating discipline successfully.

9.  Make your statements short and clear

Don’t try to over-explain yourself to your toddler. Just make your instructions short and clear. Always give your child two choices that you choose. This way he will feel he’s in control, but the decision will be yours.

10.  Spend more time with your kid

Sometimes bad behavior is usually a toddler throwing a tantrum to get your attention. Spending time with your kid is therapeutic for them, and it goes a long way to build on their discipline.

11.  Be consistent with your decisions: How to discipline your toddler thrives on efficiency 

Let your decisions be consistent every time you are disciplining your child. Otherwise, the discipline will be ineffective.

12.  Don’t negotiate with your child or make promises you can’t keep

Never try to negotiate with your child. The discipline will not be useful as it should be.

13.  Habitually remind your child that you love them

Remember always to say that a particular behavior is terrible but never tell your child that he is awful. While disciplining them, remind them that your love is the reason for your discipline.

Final thought

Disciplining your toddler is a responsibility you must take for him to grow up to be the kind of man you want him to be.






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