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How I made my first $102.03 /mo in my 15th month of blogging

June 2018 – Blogging Monthly Income Report


This report is about how I made my first passive $102.03 in my 15th month of blogging, Yeah, You Read That Right, in my 15th month of blogging!

It may sound funny, but it is the truth! It took me 15 months to earn these $102.03, but they are 100% passive earned!

But, before I’ll tell how I earned it I’ll introduce myself to you…

Who am I?

My name is Yanna, a young pregnant mom for a 2-years old son, expecting another boy soon, trying to build my blogging business and work from home.

I bet you are probably asking yourselves; why it took me 15 months to get to this passive income?  

Well, here is a short description of my achieved milestones in chronological order:

  • In March 2017 I started my first blog “My Vibes” just for fun – no earning plan or traffic goals were set.
  • 4 months later, in July 2017 I started working seriously on that blog; Finally decided what was the perfect niche for my blog, started implementing SEO methods, keyword research, etc.
  • During that time (2017) I succeeded to earn $1,500 /mo for a few months by selling marketing content – read here the full income report where I also explain how I did it.
  • I wasn’t satisfied with that monthly income since it was earned non-passively.
  • At the beginning of June 2018, I have found out about Pinterest’s huge potential to drive massive traffic to websites and decided to start my current new blog.
  • At the end of that month I first started pinning my new blog posts, which were terribly designed at first!
  • And here I am writing my first passive-income report, although it took me 15 months to get here!

I’m so excited to share this report since this is my first report that I’m sharing!

I know that $102 is not a big deal, but I don’t care because the main point is that it is possible to earn passive money online! And I know that I’m on the right way!

If you want to know why I have started a new blog – You can read this post where I explain what were the terrible mistakes that I made with my first blog and what I have learned from them.


I won’t take you through the boring question why I decided to publish my monthly income reports, I think it is clear that reading bloggers’ income reports are super motivating, you can learn bunch of great moneymaking tactics from them (and to be honest, it is a common technique of bloggers to attract readers ?).

So, let’s move straight to the monthly traffic + income report and discuss how I made it.

*This blogging report contains details only from my first blog (My Vibes).

Traffic Report for June 2018

As you can see this month, June 2018, I had 12,764 page views.

june 2018 traffic report my vibes
June 2018 traffic report “My Vibes”

It is not that much traffic after a year+ of blogging, but if considering that more than 78% of this traffic is organic from Google (since I didn’t promote this blog on Pinterest at all), you can say it is pretty awesome!

Income streams report for June 2018:

Google AdSense – $22.99

eBay Partner Network – $3.51

Amazon.com Associates – $2.75

DepositPhotos Affiliate Program – $4.35

CJ Affiliate – $32.24

SkimLinks – $38.45

Total June Income = $102.03


BlueHost Web Hosting & domain per month – $4.95 (Check my free guide on How to Start a Blog here)

DepositPhotos – $29 (Highly recommended stock photos website which I use to buy photos)

Total Expenses: $34

Total Net Profit: $68.03

Update: 10.23.19

I managed to increase my blog traffic to almost 200,000 Pageviews a month with Pinterest! Here is the exact Pinterest strategy I use.

I joined Mediavine almost a year ago and my average monthly income is about $1,500-$2,000!

I hope to publish a full income report soon and share all the details with you!

My blogging goals for the next month:

  • Write at least 30 new posts.
  • Improve my free guide for new bloggers – “How to start a profitable blog“.
  • Promote my current blog on Pinterest.
  • Build the best Pinterest strategy that will quickly grow my website’s traffic.
  • Reach 25,000 sessions a month in order to apply to Mediavine (According to Mediavine requirements for traffic).
  • Increase my affiliate marketing passive income (focusing on high paying programs).

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