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10 best jobs for working from home

Work from home jobs


Home based jobs are quite common and almost everyone who has the expertise of skill in one or the other fields can opt to work from home. Many parents also opt to work from home so that they can pay attention to their kids as well gain financial freedom. Thanks to the internet that we can work from home and earn a decent income online.

There are many jobs that pay well as well as you get the flexibility to work at your own pace and time. Here is the list of 10 best jobs for working from home


If you are well-versed in different languages you can work as a translator wherein you get documents, and audio files to be translated in a different language. There are many companies who hire people who can work as translators from all across the globe to have flexibility with geographic location.

Virtual Assistant

This is a job which is in demand and it offers a good pay package too. You can either choose to start your own virtual assistant firm or work as a virtual assistant for a particular firm to help them in different activities. Many small businesses hire virtual assistants online to complete different operations so that they don’t have to hire permanent employees.

Call center jobs

Call center jobs are highly in demand as when a person calls to order something, his/her phone is attended by one of the call center representatives. The only difference is you will work as a call center representative sitting at home. It is an industry with huge potential and the companies hire home-based contractors to work as call center representatives. Many companies pay on an hourly basis whereas some pay a fixed amount on a weekly or monthly basis.

Technical support

Many call centers also hire technical support assistants to provide technical support from home. Well, not many people are experts in the technical field and when a company hires you to offer technical support they ensure that you are technically sound and willing to provide assistance patiently to their clients or customers.

Writer or Editor – Blogging

The field is vast and to work as a writer or editor can help you earn decent money from home. It is an interesting job that helps you write on different subjects and you can choose to work in your own timings. You can take up writing/editing assignments that are published on various websites, blogs, news section etc.

Talking about writing jobs, you can also start your own blog and engage in blogging to earn even more. Of course, blogging is fun and you can choose your own niche for your blog. Blogging can help you reach wider audience and your blog can earn good money for you over a period of time. You can either choose to blog for others or start your own blog. Read more about How to start a money making blog – the ultimate guide.


There are a plenty of opportunities for kids to learn online. Virtual learning sessions promote education online from primary to elementary schools. This offers opportunity for many teachers to take up the job of online tutor. The introduction of internet, multimedia and other technologies has made it easier for both students and teachers to interact online.

There are many professors and teachers who work online as tutors and earn a decent income depending upon the number of hours they devote to impart education online.

Travel Agent

If you love travel industry and possess some prior experience in the travel industry, you can start your own travel agency from home. It is a profitable business. You can help other people plan their itinerary and search for the real destinations to visit.

Web designer/developer

IT is not restricted to offices as it has reached homes as well wherein the companies hire home based web designers and developers to work on different projects. You can work as a website designer, website developer, coder, work with templates etc. Many people work on hourly basis whereas a lot of others also work on fixed price for a particular project. The designing or development skills pay you and you can get good reviews from your clients which helps you get more clients easily.

By the way, a great website where you can look for work from home jobs is Jooble. They have a wide collection of jobs that allows you to work from anywhere!

Medical Transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist is yet another job in demand and certainly you need to have experience in the field to work as a medical transcriptionist. The job profile includes listening to the doctors while they dictate and type accordingly. The job is quite challenging as some doctors have different accents, unclear words, etc. The job can be interesting as it is related to medical subjects and if you are a good transcriptionist then many companies are looking for you.

Data entry operator

There are many companies who need high volumes of data to be fed into their system. Instead of hiring permanent employees they prefer hiring home based data entry operators who can do the job for them. If you have a good typing speed and love doing data entry, you can get a lot of such projects.

Working from home certainly pays off your hard work. If you are a stay at home mom, student who want extra money to support his/her studies, retired senior citizen and need some extra cash to manage your medical bills etc, then work from home is the best option. Many people choose to work from home to avoid the hassles of travelling. Also, you don’t have a boss on your head and you can work as per your convenience and still can earn better than those who work as full time employees in a company. You can always use your skills and put them to work to earn money from home.



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