15 Favorite Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas
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15 Favorite Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

Best Gift Wrapping Ideas That Are Full of Style

Are you looking for easy and gorgeous gift wrapping ideas? We’ve rounded up 15 great ideas and techniques that are easy to pull off and will make your present unforgettable – including sustainable and reusable options.

15 Favorite Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

1. Add Memories

Here’s a beautiful way to wrap a gift for someone who means the world to you. Add a photo of the two of you to your gift to make it special and personal.

  • Wrap your gift in brown paper
  • Add berry, spruce and wheat sprigs
  • Add a photo of you and the recipient
  • Tie twine across both sides of the package

We love the rustic look of this gift-wrapping idea. Make sure that you use plain brown paper wrapping – it will make the red berries and green spruce really pop. Choose a photo that will bring back great memories to make the wrapping even more special. You can even print the photo on card paper so that the texture matches the gift wrap.

Another alternative is to add a black and white print photo to the gift instead of a bow. This can be a photo of you and the person or just a pretty picture that you know they’ll love.

2. Double Fan Gift Wrap

The double fan gift wrapping technique is so elegant and easier than you think to pull off. This tutorial will walk you through this technique step by step.

We love that the double fan technique gives you space to tuck in a card or a fun little decorative element, like a pinecone or dried flower. Add a ribbon to tie it all together, and you have a gift that looks like it was wrapped by a pro.

3. Simple Beautiful Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping ideas don’t have to be over the top. This gift-wrapping technique will give you space to tuck in cards and decorations, like spruce sprigs.

You can use recycled brown paper or any type of wrapping paper you like for this wrapping technique. If you’re going to add little decorative items, stick to solid colors so they stand out.

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4. Furoshiki Gift Wrap

Looking for sustainable gift wrapping ideas? Try using furoshiki. Furoshiki are Japanese wrapping cloths used for gift wrapping and transporting items.

We love this idea because it’s unexpected. Instead of traditional paper wrapping, the recipient gets a piece of wrapping cloth that they can reuse when wrapping their own gifts – or repurpose for whatever use they want.

You can find furoshiki cloth in so many colors and styles. You don’t have to do any fancy wrapping techniques to make this idea work. You can wrap the cloth around the item and tie the ends into a bow. Or you can wrap twine around the gift to keep the cloth in place. Add a gift tag to the twine and some decorative elements, like dried flowers, to finish the wrapping.

5. Sheet Music Wrapping

Instead of using regular wrapping paper, why not use sheet music to wrap your gifts? You can use sheet music to wrap the entire gift or to replace traditional ribbons.

Sheet music will add an unexpected element to the gift wrapping. And it looks even more beautiful and elegant when you add colored twine and green decorations.

6. Torn Paper and Twine

Torn paper adds a vintage flair to any gift. Brown paper wrapping, twine and dried lavender make this gift wrapping so simple and gorgeous.

Use vintage postcards or paper, like this set from Amazon, and gently tear the edges to give the paper a worn look. If you’re not a fan of lavender, you can use any dried flower or decorative element you want. Just make sure it matches the vintage paper or postcard that you choose.

7. Burlap and Flowers

Burlap is a great alternative to traditional paper gift wrap, and the recipient can reuse it after they open your gift. Adding dried or faux flowers adds a natural element and makes the gift wrap even more special.

We love the way the flowers are woven in with the twine. You can use your own dried flowers, or you can find some great faux flower options on Amazon.

8. LED Lights

Here’s an idea that will really make an impression. Wrap a string of battery-operated LED lights (like these from Amazon) around your gift. Add dried or faux flowers to complete the look.

We love the plain paper used for this idea. Brown paper works just as well as colored paper. Make sure that you choose floral elements that match the color of your paper. Evergreen sprigs and acorns look beautiful and elegant against brown paper. If you’re using colored paper, choose flowers that are the same color.

If you don’t want to add any other decorative elements, try putting your lights off-center to add interest and balance.

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9. Scarf Gift Wrap

We love reusable gift wrapping ideas like this one. Instead of using paper, wrap your gift in a winter scarf. The scarf will make a beautiful presentation, and the recipient can use it long after they’ve opened your gift.

The great thing about using a scarf is that you can tie the ends together to keep the gift securely inside. And you can tuck tags, cards and decorations into the folds to really make your gift stand out. Choose a scarf that you know the recipient will love and use.

10. Mason Jar Flowers

Here’s a cute gift-wrapping idea for any occasion, and you don’t need to be an artist to pull it off. Use a mason jar stencil to draw jars on your gift wrap with a sharpie marker. Tape a tiny bouquet of dried flowers on top of the jar to make it look like it’s inside of the jar. Add a twine bow to complete the look. Make sure that you’re using plain brown paper wrapping for this idea.

You can use any type of flower you want. We love white, red or green flowers because they really stand out against the brown paper.

11. Chocolate and Gold

Here’s a fun gift wrap idea that adds candy, gold foil and green foliage. Use a plain, dark-colored paper for this idea. Charcoal and dark bluish gray colors work well.

Ferrero Rocher candies work really well for this one because they have gold wrapping and a round shape. You can add green wreaths and gold foil trees to your paper or even create flowers with green leaves, foil and a candy center.

You can use any candy you want for this idea. If it doesn’t have gold wrapping, you can always wrap each piece in your gold foil. If you’re not a fan of gold, you can use silver or any colored foil you like. Just make sure that it complements your wrapping paper color and stands out.

12. Green Wreaths, Burlap and Twine

Are you looking for gift wrapping ideas that are easy and still make an impression? Try this idea.

  • Wrap your gift in plain brown paper.
  • Wrap burlap ribbon around it.
  • Wrap twine around the package in the opposite direction.
  • Add a small wreath made of fresh cedar and herbs.
  • Top with a small tag.

Use fresh greenery for your wreath. Not only will the vibrant colors stand out, but they will also add a pleasant scent to your gift.

13. Mini Trees

Here’s a great idea for holiday gifts for friends and family. Wrap gifts in plain brown paper and add sprigs of cedar or spruce that look like little Christmas trees. Place a star above the tree or splatter white paint on the paper and tree to look like snow.

This is a fun and simple way to add something special to your gift wrap. You can gather fresh sprigs from your own tree or a wreath. If you have pines or cedar trees in your backyard, you can use cuttings from those as well.

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14. Natural Wreath

Here’s a gorgeous gift-wrapping idea that you can use for any occasion. Create a tiny wreath with natural elements, like dried flowers, faux bird feathers, green foliage and vines. Wrap the gift in plain paper (colored paper works well for this idea). Place the wreath at the top center of the gift and use twine to secure the wreath from all four sides.

Feel free to get creative with your wreath. You can buy a premade one or make it yourself – there’s no right or wrong way.

15. Easy, Fancy Bottle Gift Wrap

Let’s face it – wrapping bottles is difficult. This technique creates a fancy gift wrap for your bottled gifts, and it’s easier than you think to pull off.

Choose a pretty piece of paper that will complement the bottle. You tuck in some extra goodies if you want, a card or other decorations to make your gift stand out. Don’t forget to add a bow as a finishing touch.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to make your gifts stand out this year, these gift wrapping ideas are easy and beautiful. No matter the recipient’s tastes, you’re sure to find an idea on this list that they’ll love.