15 Best DIY Gifts that Everyone Will Love
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15 Best DIY Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love

Insanely Cute DIY Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Life

There’s nothing better than a gift from the heart. The most thoughtful and meaningful gifts are often the ones you can’t buy in the store. That’s why handmade gifts are so special. If you want to make your own gifts this year, we have 15 DIY gift ideas to inspire you.

15 Best DIY Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love

1. Wood and Faux Marble Coasters

Coasters are always an appreciated gift. Instead of the usual crocheted or wood slice coasters, why not make these gorgeous wood and faux marble ones? To make these, you’ll need to be comfortable using a rotary cutter. Or you can purchase square pieces of wood from a craft store.

Aside from the cutting of the wood, these coasters are so easy to make, and they look gorgeous.

2. DIY Aromatherapy Bath Sets

Give your friends and loved ones the gift of relaxation with a DIY aromatherapy set. This tutorial will show you how to make bath salts, bath bombs and bath melts. While this recipe uses rose and geranium, you can use any scents you like.

Lavender, bergamot and patchouli are also great scents. You can also mix and match smells if you want to offer a variety of options.

You’ll need to stock up on some ingredients for these recipes, but each one makes enough bath items for 12 people.

3. Sangria Kit

If you’re looking for adult DIY gift ideas, this sangria kit is a great option. It looks beautiful, too. Just put all of the sangria ingredients in a big glass drink dispenser (like this one). Tie a ribbon around the lid and add a wooden spoon (here’s a great one from OXO) to complete the gift.

The colorful fruit and bottle of wine look beautiful inside of the drink dispenser. You can use any fruits you want, including oranges, lemons, limes, strawberries, peaches and cherries.

As for the wine, go with a good quality Garnacha or Pinot Noir.

4. Stovetop Potpourri

Stovetop potpourri is so fun to make, and it smells divine. Just simmer the ingredients in a pot of water to make the whole house smell wonderful. You can add whatever ingredients you like to your stovetop potpourri, but slices of citrus, dried herbs and cinnamon sticks are popular choices.

Cinnamon, star anise, cloves and dried oranges and apples will make the recipient’s home smell festive. Dried lemons, limes and rosemary will make the home smell fresh and clean.

Use a dehydrator or your oven to dry your ingredients. Add them to a cute mason jar, and you have a great DIY gift. We also recommend adding a tag with instructions on how to use the potpourri.

5. Mason Jar Candles

Candles are fun and easy to make at home. What’s great about this type of gift is that you can customize the scent and presentation however you want. This candle recipe uses fresh rosemary to give an intoxicating scent when it’s lit.

It also uses quality essential oils, like bergamot, fir needle, cedarwood and juniper berry. The scent is light, fresh and festive. The rosemary sprigs show through the wax for a beautiful presentation.

You can use any herb you like. Lavender is another great option and will look beautiful inside the candle wax.

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6. Handmade Soap

Soap is another simple DIY gift that is always appreciated. This recipe uses soap base (goat’s milk or shea butter) to make the process even easier. Add your favorite essential oil (this recipe uses lemon), and you have a DIY gift that looks artisanal.

Adding little touches, like lemon zest or fresh flowers or herbs, kick the presentation up a notch.

7. Handmade Lavender Sachets

We love DIY gift ideas that are all about relaxation and self-care, and these sachets are perfect. If you have some scrap fabric lying around, this is also a thoughtful way to make use of them.

To make these sachets, all you need are some dried lavender buds, some white rice, essential oils and fabric. You can find dried lavender buds in craft stores and even online.

If you’re not crazy about lavender, you can also make sachets with peonies, mint, cinnamon and more.

8. Cozy Gift Basket

A cozy gift basket is a wonderful DIY gift that the recipient is sure to appreciate. While you can buy a few products to put in your basket, it’s worth the extra effort to make your own items.

Here are some ideas:

  • A small handmade candle
  • Freshly baked cookies
  • Homemade scarf (sewn, knitted or crocheted)
  • Handmade soap

Mugs are also a great addition to a gift like this, but if you don’t have the pottery skills to make your own, you can buy a handmade one.

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9. Pancakes in a Jar

The smell of pancakes cooking in the morning is a true delight, and it’s one of the DIY gift ideas that we really love. You’ll need a canning jar, some printable tags, a ribbon to wrap the jar up and make it look cute and some pancake mix.

You can use a storebought mix if you like, or you can make your own.

Simply add the mix into the jar, print a label with the instructions and feel free to include other goodies, such as syrup or powdered sugar.

10. Arm Knit Blanket

Knitting is one skill that is perfect for any occasion where you have to give a gift. One cute idea that we find adorable is the big yarn blanket. If you’re wondering how long this gift takes to make, it should take just a few hours.

The key is to buy huge, chunky yarn to reduce the time to make this blanket.

You’ll find the instructions easy to follow and there are even videos provided that you can follow to completion.

11. DIY Infused Olive Oils

Infused olive oils are an amazing gift idea that is so simple to make and requires just a few different items to get started. In fact, you likely have some of the following in your home already:

  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Bottles/olive oil dispensers
  • Olive oil

You can get as creative as you like here. Create your own variations of olive oil with the ingredients above, or add a dash of your favorite items, such as basil, lemon, chili powders or anything else.

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12. DIY Fleece Blanket

Want to know one of the timeless DIY gift ideas that everyone will love?


Fleece blankets are toasty warm and so comfortable, too. Plus, since this is a no-sew idea, it’s one that you don’t need to be a seamstress to complete. Add in your own touches and make this idea truly your own.

I’ve found fleece blankets like this one are perfect for people of all ages, so make them for parents, grandparents, children, spouses – anyone. You’ll also find some neat fleece designs that you can use to match the age and style of the recipient.

13. DIY Heated Neck Wrap

Neck aches and pains are so common. People are always staring down at their phones or at a screen, leading to neck pain. However, you can help solve this pain with a gift that keeps on giving: a heated neck wrap.

What’s really nice with this gift idea is that you can use it as a:

  • Heated neck wrap
  • Ice pack

You can make a buckwheat and lavender scented wrap that will hold on to heat well, smell great and work to relax tight and tense neck muscles, too.

14. Handmade Wooden Ornaments

 If you have some string, a drill, paint or colored pencils and small cuts of wood, you can make these beautiful ornaments. What you’ll want to do is find smaller pieces of wood and cut the entire diameter of the wood at a slant to create small ornaments that can be hung.

Think of the shape of garlic bread or something similar when making your cuts.

Next, drill a hole towards the top, loop the string through and knot it. Finally, you can paint or draw your creation on the little wood chunks you cut. Some people will paint poppy flowers, while others will simply put beautiful sayings on the piece – it’s up to you.

15. Roasted Nuts

Roasted nuts are the final idea on our list, and it’s one that you can give to anyone, from your local mail carrier to your child’s teacher or a friend. You’ll need to choose nuts to roast, and the best ones we’ve found include:

  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Pistachios
  • Pecans

You can roast almost any nut, but you’ll need to pay closer attention to soft varieties. For example, pecans are softer nuts, which will require gentle roasting. Once done, add them to a paper bag, seal it up and add a cute label and ribbon to it.

DIY gift ideas will help you give a memorable present that people will love and treasure because they’re all extremely thoughtful.