15 Easy No Bake Desserts for Your Next Party
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15 Easy No Bake Desserts for Your Next Party

Delicious No Bake Desserts 

Let’s be honest – desserts are the best part of a party. But who has time for complicated desserts when you have to plan and host the party? That’s where no bake desserts save the day.

We’ve rounded up 15 of the best, easy no bake desserts to serve at your next party.

15 Easy No Bake Desserts for Your Next Party

1. No Bake Éclair Cake

The classic éclair is the ultimate pastry, but this recipe transforms this iconic treat into a cake. This no bake éclair cake is rich and delicious, and it’s easy to prepare a big batch to serve a crowd. The ingredients are so simple:

  • Pudding
  • Graham crackers
  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolate frosting

Just layer the ingredients, pop in the fridge the night before the party, and you’re ready to go. It doesn’t get much easier than that, and it tastes delicious.

2. No Bake Cheesecake Bites

Cheesecake is one of the best no bake desserts to serve at parties because it’s always a crowd-pleaser. This recipe transforms the classic cheesecake into little bite-sized pieces that are perfect for serving at parties.

This recipe calls for mini-filo shells instead of the usual graham cracker crust, which makes it quick and easy to make this dessert.

Top each cup with a few fresh berries and dust with powdered sugar. These cheesecake bites won’t last long, so make sure you make a few extras.

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Mini Cheesecakes

Cheesecake and peanut butter are a match made in heaven with this no-bake recipe. While this layered dessert calls for a lot of ingredients, it’s super easy to make. Layers of chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake make this a decadent dessert that everyone will love.

Make sure that you use creamy peanut butter for this recipe.

Top each mini cheesecake with chocolate sauce, mini chocolate chips and chunks of peanuts.

What’s great about this dessert is that it can just be served on a platter. You don’t need to serve them in cups or on fancy plates. Instead, everyone can use their spoons to scoop one off the platter and enjoy. It’s such a simple but pretty dessert to serve at a party.

4. Oreo Cheesecake Brownie Trifle

Oreos, cheesecake, brownies – need we say more? This trifle has layers of tasty Oreo cheesecake, brownies and a whipped topping with chocolate sauce and extra cookies.

Best of all, this dessert is so easy to make. Do all the work the night before and take it out of the fridge the day of the party for a quick and simple dessert.

Presentation is key with any trifle dessert. Show off those layers in a pretty trifle bowl, like this one from Royalty Art on Amazon. And be generous with that chocolate sauce!

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5. Amazing Peach Melba Trifle

Trifles are the perfect no bake desserts, and this Peach Melba Trifle is delicious. It features layers of vanilla pudding, lady finger cookies, raspberry sauce, peaches, meringue cookies and whipped cream.

It’s basically summer in a jar.

You don’t have to be perfect with your layers when making this dessert. And if you don’t want to make your own meringue cookies, you can buy them from a bakery or omit them entirely if you want.

Serve this dessert in little glass bowls, like these beauties from VanEnjoy on Amazon.

6. Mint Chocolate Pie

When it comes to dessert, you can never go wrong with a chocolate pie. This mint variation adds pieces of Oreo cookies and Andes mint chocolates on top of a layer of whipped cream.

The homemade Oreo crust and whipped cream take this recipe over the top. It’s sure to be a hit with everyone at your party. If you don’t have the time or patience to make your own cookie crust, you can usually find Oreo crusts in the baking aisle of the grocery store.

7. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pie

This chocolate raspberry pie is a feast for the eyes and stomach. While it looks like a complicated pie, this recipe only calls for a handful of ingredients.

Chocolate and raspberry are such a perfect combination, and the flakey pie crust ties it all together nicely. Fresh berries are the best option, but if you can only find frozen, make sure that you thaw them out first.

Serve it in a pretty glass pie dish, like this cute one we found on Amazon.

8. Cheesecake Pudding Parfaits with Fresh Berries

These parfaits will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth without being too rich or decadent. And they’re surprisingly easy to make. Use the freshest strawberries and blueberries you can find. You can also substitute other fruits if you like.

Serve this dessert in individual cups (like the pretty ones we found on Amazon), so everyone can enjoy it guilt-free.

9. S’mores Icebox Cake

Icebox cakes are fun to make, and they are great no bake desserts for parties. And who doesn’t love a good s’more? This icebox cake has layers of chocolate pudding, marshmallow fluff, Cool Whip, mini marshmallows, chocolate sauce and graham crackers.

If you happen to have a blow torch, you can toast the marshmallows on top for a true campfire s’more taste.

No matter what time of year you’re hosting your party, your guests are sure to love the s’mores flavors in this icebox cake.

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10. Cookie Butter No Bake Cheesecake

This cookie butter cheesecake is so delicious, it won’t last long on the dessert table. It features a delicious Biscoff cookie crust, cookie butter cheesecake filling, whipped cream and more Biscoff cookies.

It’s worth the extra step to make your own cookie crust. The rest of the dessert comes together quickly and easily, making it a great option to serve at a party.

If you can’t find cookie butter in your local grocery store, you can grab a jar on Amazon. Just keep in mind that they come in packs of two – not that cookie butter would ever go to waste in anyone’s home!

11. Panna Cotta with Berry Sauce

When done right, panna cotta is divine. You can make this dessert ahead of time, so it’s a great option for a party. And making it from scratch isn’t as complicated as it seems. Follow the tutorial below for a foolproof, delicious dessert.

Serve your panna cotta in wine glasses or any pretty dessert glass, like these pretty shooter glasses we found on Amazon.

12. Tiramisu Icebox Cake

Who says tiramisu needs to be complicated? This icebox cake variation is delicious and easy to make. Use good quality coffee and rum for this recipe. Make this cake the night before the party for a stress-free dessert that everyone will enjoy.

Dust with good-quality cocoa powder just before serving and watch as your tiramisu cake disappears.

If you can’t find lady fingers in your local grocery store, you can get them on Amazon from Balocco or Marini (in Italy, ladyfingers are called Savoiardi).

13. Strawberry Fool

Strawberry fool is an old dessert that dates all the way back to the 16th century. It’s a foolproof dessert, and it doesn’t require any baking. Yet it still tastes and looks amazing.

For this recipe, you’ll want to use fresh strawberries. Frozen berries may make this dish too watery.

Top your fools with crushed butter cookies and extra freshly sliced strawberries.

You can serve this dessert in any glass you like. These stemless wine glasses from Amazon are a great choice for serving strawberry fool. The flecks of gold will really make this pink dessert pop.

14. No Bake Key Lime Pie

If you’re looking for refreshing no bake desserts, this key lime pie is perfect, and it’s easier than you think to make. Using a ready-made graham cracker crust saves time, and you can also serve your pie in the tin it comes in.

Cream cheese, lime juice, sweetened condensed milk and powdered sugar are all you need to bring this pie together.

The homemade whipped cream is worth the effort. Top with dollops of whipped cream, slices of lime and lime zest for a pretty presentation.

This pie won’t last long, so make sure you have enough for everyone.

15. Banana Split Dessert

This no-bake banana split dessert is to die for, and it’s big enough to serve a crowd. It starts with a bottom layer of graham cracker crust followed by the cream cheese-based filling, which has pineapples and lemon juice. Next, add a layer of sliced bananas and whipped topping. Drizzle with chocolate sauce, maraschino cherries and chopped pecans.

You can make this dessert up to two days ahead of time to make party day even less stressful, but it’s best enjoyed the day that it’s made.

Final Thoughts

No bake desserts are easy to make and just as delicious as any baked pie or cake. No matter what type of party you’re hosting, you’re sure to find the perfect dessert recipe on our list above.