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Can you co-sleep with a newborn?

Co-sleeping with Your Newborn


The topic of co-sleeping with a baby is a topic that is constantly debated. Co-sleeping parents will swear by it while medical professionals stand against it. There have been proven benefits of co-sleeping with newborns but many moms are still scared about the dangers.

Defining co-sleeping

Co-sleeping is where a parent shares a room or bed with their newborn. There are different forms of co-sleeping including:

  • Same bed co-sleeping

This is where parents share the same bed with their child.

  • Different bed but same room

In this form of co-sleeping, the baby sleeps in a different bed from his parents and but sharing the same room. This is the recommended form of co-sleeping by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  • Bed attached with crib

In some instances, the beds are designed in such a way that they come attached to the bed so that your newborn has a place to sleep next to you but on a different bed.

  • Once in a while bed sharing

In this form of co-sleeping, you share a room with your baby once in a while and spend the rest of the time sleeping in your room.

The benefits of co-sleeping with your baby

  • Co-sleeping with a baby has been proven to reduce the risks of the baby suffering from sudden infant death disease or SIDS.
  • Co-sleeping is good for a mom since she is able to nurse her child with no hassle. Breastfeeding during the night becomes much easier.
  • Nursing a newborn can be challenging for moms. More often than not, moms will have sleep deficiencies because they don’t get enough sleep. Co-sleeping helps to solve this problem. Moms are able to get better sleep while co-sleeping.
  • Co-sleeping is a good time for babies to bond with parents
  • It removes nighttime anxiety for you. It is expected that moms are always worried about their babies but with co-sleeping, you can rest easy because you are aware of your baby’s location.
  • Co-sleeping helps you to monitor your baby in case of illnesses.

Even with these benefits, some moms still find it difficult to co-sleep with their newborns because of fear of suffocating them or rolling over them during the night, especially for heavy sleepers.

So, for such a mom, it is better to co-sleep with the baby on different beds.

Other precautions to take while co-sleeping are:

  • Don’t sleep with your baby on the same bed in case you are sick or unwell
  • Get a big bed if you want to sleep with your baby on the same bed
  • Get the appropriate mattress suitable for a baby
  • Avoid co-sleeping with a baby if you have an infectious disease or if you are under heavy medication or therapy
  • Don’t co-sleep with your baby on an armchair or sofa
  • Make sure to remove toys or other objects – for safety

Co-sleeping is quite safe and beneficial if it is done in the right way and with the right precautions. Transitioning from co-sleeping to sleeping alone can be difficult for a baby but with patience, your baby will adjust soon enough.