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How to Swaddle Your Newborn Baby

Swaddling Your Newborn Baby: Best available receiving blankets


All that is required of you for this task is a receiving blanket and your baby. Receiving blankets are generally made of a light, thin cotton. While any blanket will do, a thinner blanket is more comfortable to maneuver-especially if you’re a beginner. Also, it works better if the blanket is square-shaped, but it can still be done with a rectangular blanket.

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Here’s how to swaddle a baby:

  • Place the blanket on your working surface (bed, floor, sofa, etc.) with the corners pointing north, south, east, and west; like a diamond.
  • Take the north corner and fold it down to the center of the diamond. For smaller babies, fold lower than the center. For bigger babies, fold higher than the center.
  • Place your baby’s shoulders at the top fold in a blanket that now goes straight across.
  • Take the east corner of the blanket and wrap it over the baby. Tuck it under the baby’s right side, keeping the hands at the tummy. The blanket should cover your baby’s body and arms at this time.
  • Take the south corner and tuck it up under the baby’s right side again, making sure that the feet and legs are bent and covered.
  • Finally, take the west corner of the blanket and wrap it around the baby, moving toward the baby’s left side and to the back. Your baby is now swaddled!
  • You can do this same process starting with the west corner if you prefer. You will still achieve the same results.

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