13 Barbie Halloween Costumes for Adults
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13 Barbie Halloween Costumes for Adults

Looking for Barbie costumes for adults? You’ve come to the right place! The iconic Barbie movie is sure to be a hot costume trend this Halloween. We have 13 costumes you can put together today to look just like Barbie at your next Halloween party.

13 Barbie Halloween Costumes for Adults

1. 80s Workout Barbie

Dress up like an 80s workout Barbie with this costume idea. Pair a black bodysuit with pink tights and leg warmers. Don’t forget the high-top sneakers, cool sunglasses and inflatable boombox.

Wear your hair down and add some hot pink lipstick to complete the look.

2. Aerobics Barbie

Here’s another adorable workout themed Barbie costume, and this one is in true 80s style, too. If you’re comfortable ditching the tights, you can put this costume together in a cinch.

Grab a hot pink bodysuit and pair it with some white sneakers. This 90s leg warmers set from Amazon will help complete the look. It comes with leg warmers, wristbands and even a fanny pack.

If you want to go the extra mile, get some purple dumbbells and a pretty blonde wig.

3. Barbie’s Iconic Black and White Vintage Bathing Suit

Here’s one of the most iconic Barbie costumes for adults and a nod to the vintage doll wearing the same swimsuit.

You can find the officially licensed vintage doll swimsuit costume on Amazon. They even include the blonde ponytail wig and sunglasses with this set. All you need is a pair of strappy black or pink heels and a tiny pink purse to complete the outfit.

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4. Boxed Up Barbie and Ken

Are you looking for a cute couple’s costume idea? Why not dress up as Barbie and Ken inside their doll boxes?

You’ll need to get creative and make your own boxes. A big cardboard box and some pink spray paint should do the trick. Adding straps to hook around your arms (like a backpack) will make it easier to stay in your box.

What about outfits?

5. Western Barbie

Who doesn’t love Margot Robbie’s iconic Western Barbie look? You can grab a costume that looks just like her 70s inspired cowgirl outfit right on Amazon. The only thing you need is a cute white cowgirl hat.

6. Easy Barbie Costume

Looking for easy Barbie costumes for adults? We have the perfect costume idea.

You can wear a blonde wig if you want, or just tease your natural hair to make it bigger and more voluminous, just like Barbie.

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7. I’m a Real Doll

This Barbie costume takes the “doll” bit very seriously. She painted her knees to look like the joints on real Barbie dolls. That part may be tricky to recreate at home, but the rest is easy as pie.

8. Hot Pink Mini Dress

Here’s a really simple Barbie inspired costume that’s easy to put together. Here’s what you’ll need:

9. Zombie Barbie and Ken

Zombie Barbie costumes for adults are going to fly off the shelves this Halloween. This is one of the easiest costume ideas if you have a pink dress because Barbie doesn’t have much on in this costume.

This party dress works perfectly.

A blonde wig would work well, too, especially if you don’t have the beautiful blonde hair that the woman in the Pin has naturally.

She does have:

Of course, you’ll need to add to the zombie look with makeup or you can use these awesome Halloween scars that are already made for you. Ken features a basic pink shirt, white shorts and a bloody mouth, like he just finished feasting

10. Pink Jumper and Blue Accessories

Pink jumpers are going to be hard to find, thanks to Barbie. You’ll like this one from Amazon and will notice it’s a little more vibrant than the one on Pinterest. Don’t worry, we think Barbie would like this color a lot better.

You’ll then want to pick up a few more accessories to complete the look:

And don’t forget to get pink platform heels.

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11. Last-minute Costume

The last-minute Barbie costume looks like something out of a J Lo video, but it’s still cute nonetheless. You’ll need a hot pink one-piece, just like this one from Walmart. Next, you’ll want to add some black stockings, hot pink socks and a white headband.

And let’s not forget the hand stockings and pink bangle.

12.  Blue, Retro Barbie Costume

For lack of a better word, these Barbie costumes for adults are retro and make me think of a 1980s aerobics class. First, barbie is wearing a light blue leggings and a leotard top. Of course, there’s an iconic pink belt in the middle and leg warmers.

Add in a pink hair ribbon to complete the look.

  1. PS. If you want a complete costume, you’ll love this workout costume on Amazon.

13. Simply Plastic Barbie

Barbie and Ken look fabulous in this costume. Barbie is wearing a pink, one strap bodysuit (this one from Amazon is amazing), pantyhose and a beautiful gold belt. She’s also wearing retro, red sunglasses, which you can find here or if you’re not a fan of them, you may like these heart-shaped ones.

Ken is also featured, and it’s almost always easier for the guys to dress up as Ken, especially if they have blonde hair. The flower shirt is hard to match, but this one looks great and these white, khaki shorts will complete the look.

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