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Potty training for boys

A short guide to boys potty training


Mothers who are looking for tips on potty training for boys should get ready for a rollercoaster of an adventure. For potty training a boy you will need some time and patient as well as a lot of motivation to assure that your child will stop using the diapers. You should know that your boy will keep pooping his pants until he is trained to use the potty. If you want to protect your little man from any embarrassments in future, here we have a complete guide on potty training for boys.

1. Get the right equipment

First, it is important that you buy the right equipment. You should know that it would be hard for your little baby to sit on the normal potty because the hole is bigger than his butt. It is better that you get a small seat for your boy that can help him to easily sit on the potty whenever he has to poop. You have to assure that the seat you buy is the perfect size that can be used by your child for a long time. As well as you will have to get a small stool that will allow your boy to get on the potty himself. The sense of achievement will motivate him. You can find the best potty training equipment here.

2. Teach him to sit first

The first thing you have to teach your child is how to sit. If your child will not be able to use potty properly while sitting on the pot it would be hard for him to follow the same process while he is standing. You have to teach him how he has to adjust himself on the potty. You can start the training process by telling that it is just like the seat of the house but with a little hole in it.

3. Watch and learn

Children learn quickly by imitating instead of following your guideline. It is important that you let the father show your child how to use a potty. When the child will notice that how his father is using the potty in sitting and standing position he will surely imitate the actions of his father. It will allow your child to learn the process quickly as compared to going through the entire guideline process. Make sure that you properly teach your child everything by setting an example. It is the fastest way of potty training for boys.

4. Make him feel comfortable with the potty

A common mistake that most parents make is they will not make their child comfortable with the potty training process. There are some children who are scared of the sound made by the potty when it is draining everything down because they think like it will take them as well. You have to show your children that nothing will happen and everything is fine in this process. Assure that they can sit comfortably on the potty without any kind of issues.

5. Maintain a proper schedule

It is important that you maintain a proper schedule in the early stages of potty training. The reason is that it will allow you to assure that your child will not poop in his pants. You should know that when your child usually poops and take him to the potty at least 5 minutes before that time, so he can potty in the pot. It will develop the habit that will make the training process easier.

Assure that you start potty training as soon as possible. So, your child will learn the skill because he has to go to school.