Maintain-These-7-Ab-Workouts-to-Get-11-Line-Abs asap

Maintain These 7 Ab Workouts to Get 11 Line Abs ASAP

Do you want 11 line abs? You’ll need to put in a lot of hard work and, more importantly – eat right. But it’s not impossible to get the abs of your dreams. In fact, there are tons of workouts out there that will help you reach your goals.

Here are 7 ab workouts to help you get a killer core and tips on how to burn fat to let those abs shine through.

Maintain These 7 Ab Workouts to Get 11 Line Abs ASAP

1. 20 Min Total Core Workout

MadFit has an awesome 20-minute total core workout with a variety of ab exercises, including:

  • Reverse crunches
  • Oblique crunches
  • Single leg V-sits
  • Heel taps
  • Sit-ups
  • Plank jacks to spider crunches
  • Single leg side crunches
  • More

This HIIT-style workout will have you doing each move for 40 seconds and resting for 15 seconds.

This is a seriously tough workout that will really have you working up a sweat. MadFit gives really great instructions on how to do each move. And best of all, you don’t need any equipment to do this workout.

2. Standing Abs Workout

Juice and Toya’s 10-minute standing abs workout will have you getting 11 line abs before you know it. This low-impact HIIT workout is killer and will get your heart pumping – no equipment required.

During this workout, you’ll go through 10 exercises, each performed for 25 seconds with a five-second pause in between.

Here’s what you’ll be doing:

  • Jack tucks
  • Oblique crunches
  • Cross body crunches
  • Woodchops
  • Rainbow twists
  • Toe touches
  • Power drives
  • Power crunches
  • Roll & punch
  • Star crunches

Before each new exercise, you’ll see a quick clip on how to perform it, so you never miss a beat.

If you struggle with doing floor exercises, this workout is for you. You can do it anywhere, anytime.

3. 10-Minute Ab Workout at Home

If you want to get 11 line abs but don’t have a whole lot of time or a gym membership, Chloe Ting has the workout for you. Her at home ab workouts are awesome, and there’s no excuse not to commit to just 10 minutes per day.

In this workout, you’ll do 16 exercises, with 30 seconds on and 5-10 seconds off.

What kind of exercises will you be doing?

  • The 100s
  • Straight leg circles
  • Scissors
  • Plank with hip dips
  • Low boat side crunch
  • Toe touches
  • Corkscrews
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Roll up wood chops
  • Bunny hops

Chloe also has a ton of resources to help you on your fitness journey, including free recipes, workout programs and more.

4. Hardest 11 Line Abs

Lilly Sabri’s 8-minute ab workout will work almost every muscle in your body. You won’t need any equipment, and you need less than 10 minutes to complete it.

Here are some of the moves you’ll be doing:

  • Side plank crunches
  • Rotating sit-ups
  • Alternating toe touches
  • More

What you’ll really love about Lilly’s workout is that she also shows you modified versions of each move. So, if you’re not ready to do a full side plank crunch, you can modify the exercise to match your ability. We all have to start somewhere, and there is no shame in modifying your poses.

Lilly is super motivational in her workout videos and offers a ton of resources for you, including a 7-day full body fat burn routine, free home workout programs and more.

5. 11 Line Abs in 35 Days

Chloe Ting has some of the best ab workouts for women, and this workout has over 75 million views (wow!). This 25-minute ab-busting workout will have you working up a sweat – and your abs will be seriously sore.

In this workout, you’ll be doing 12 exercises (40 seconds on, 10 seconds off):

  • Bicycle crunches
  • Groiners
  • Cork screws
  • Cross body mountain climbers
  • 3-way V-ups
  • Twisting pistons
  • Side plank twists
  • Straight leg crunches
  • Planks with hip dips

When you’re done with this workout, you can try her other HIIT routines and check out her challenge programs. Chloe has a ton of free workout programs on her site that you can follow to maintain your 11 line abs and keep yourself interested in your workouts.

6. 10-Minute Ab Workout

Are you looking for an ab workout that gets straight to the point – without talking? Caroline Girvan’s 10-minute ab workout is perfect for you.

In this intense 10-minute workout, you’ll do:

  • Toe reaches
  • Crunches
  • Sit ups
  • Recline sit ups
  • Reverse crunches
  • Bicycles
  • Crunch pulses
  • More

Caroline stresses the importance of doing this workout – or any ab workout – every day to see results. Consistency is the key to success.

7. 25 Minute Core Workout

Looking for a longer ab workout? You’ll love this one from growingannanas. Like with Caroline’s video, there’s no talking – it’s straight to the point.

And you’ll do exercises for 40 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

Here are some of the moves you’ll do with this workout:

  • Bicycle crunches
  • Reverse crunches
  • Low plank holds
  • Russian twists
  • Flutter kicks
  • More

She also takes you through a cooldown routine that will leave you feeling awesome for the rest of the day.

Burning Belly Fat to Make Your Abs More Prominent

Everyone has 11 line abs, but they’re hiding underneath layers of belly fat. You can perform every exercise that you like to get prominent abs, but without losing fat on your stomach, they’ll be hidden away from the world.

You have a few options to start burning more fat without the need for potentially dangerous supplements:

Increase Your Protein Intake

Protein is one of the most common recommendations for people trying to build muscle, but protein has also been shown to:

Studies also show that protein increases a person’s feeling of fullness. If you feel full, you’ll consume fewer calories.

Eat More Fiber

Fiber is crucial for your digestive system function and can even help you feel fuller for longer. Studies show that eating more fiber:

  • Boosted weight loss
  • Significantly decreased belly fat

Add in foods that are high in fiber, such as seeds, legumes, veggies and fruits.

Add Cardio into Your Routine

A 15-study review found aerobic exercise helped women lose body fat. Researchers recommend engaging in 20 – 40 minutes of cardio daily to help maintain good cardiovascular health and burn excess calories.

You can perform numerous cardio workouts to burn excess calories:

  • Run or job
  • Go on a treadmill or elliptical
  • Ride a bike
  • Walk briskly in the park
  • Go for a swim

The goal is to increase your heart rate and start burning excess calories.

Try Intermittent Fasting (IF)

Intermittent fasting helped one group decrease body fat by 7% in a 12-week period. IF isn’t a magic recipe for getting abs, but it is a way to consume fewer calories and “shrink” your stomach.

When you don’t eat for 16 hours, you’re less likely to be able to consume a high-caloric meal because you’ll get fuller, faster.

IF has many different recommendations:

  • 16/8 – fasting for 16 hours straight before eating for an 8-hour window
  • 20/4 – a more extreme fast with a 4 hour eating window

You’ll want to be very careful when following this diet and if you have any medical issues, be sure to discuss IF with your doctor before trying it.

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Sleep 7 –8 Hours a Night

Sleeping doesn’t seem like it would aid in fat loss or help make your abs visible, but it can. Long-term studies are available on sleeping, including one that monitored the sleeping habits of young women.

The study found that women who slept less than six hours per night had a greater risk of obesity.

Everyone’s body is different, and you may need more or less sleep than someone else. As you get older, your sleep needs will even change. Studies suggest that the ideal number of hours to sleep is at least 7.

Drink More Coffee to Stimulate Your Metabolism

Coffee drinkers will be happy to know that drinking more coffee is recommended to lose weight. Caffeine is found to:

  • Increase metabolism
  • Activate your central nervous system
  • Boost fatty acid breakdown

Studies including over 2,600 people found that high caffeine intake helped increase the odds of weight loss maintenance.

However, you don’t want to drink too much coffee before bed. Sleep is crucial to losing excess belly fat, so if caffeine is impacting your ability to sleep well at night, cut off intake close to bed.

As a reference, caffeine lasts in the body for 4 – 6 hours, so you’ll need to drink your last cup of coffee at least four hours before going to sleep.

Perform HIIT or Strength Training

Do you see models on Instagram flaunting their abs? Pay attention to the lifestyle these individuals maintain. The person is sure to:

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise routinely

High intensity interval training can burn up to 30% more calories than cardio and has been shown to drastically reduce body fat. Strength training can also help reduce body fat by 1.4% in four weeks.

If you follow the tips above and maintain a healthy diet, you’ll be well on your way to losing body fat. The lower your body fat, the easier time you’ll have revealing your 11 line abs.

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