spend quality time with your kid


How to Spend More Quality Time with Your Child – creative ways & toys


Sometimes the days with the kids seem very long and as a mom, I’m always looking for new creative activities for spending a quality time with my kids. If you are looking for new ideas for awesome ways to spend quality time with your little kid, here are a few of my favorite ways.

Cook Together

Mothers, kids and parents who spend time in the kitchen and cook together, discussing family secrets and recipes that has been passed from generations to the next generation, is a simple way of spending time with your toddler. In recent years, it is not easy for working mothers to even make out time to cook together with their kids teaching basic cooking skills in the process.

It is not a lie that engaging your kids in cooking meals needs lot of patience, time, and of course the clean-up which comes after that, particularly when the kids still tender.

I can highly recommend on a very useful furniture that I bought for my kid, that makes this activity even more comfortable, fun and safe, the learning tower. It is a little bit expensive, but it truly worth every penny!

spend quality time with your kid

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Read Favorite Stories

Make out quality time to sit and read favorite stories with your toddler, it is very helpful as it enhances their learning skill, and it also helps for bonding. Whether you have a school-aged kid or a toddler or even a baby, reading with or to them or making him or her read favorite stories to you is a unique way of spending quality time with your toddler. If you have a modern computer-happy whiz kid, or a tablet then think of getting an e-book on your iPad or Kindle, but anyway, always remember to spend that quality time with your toddler, read favorite stories for a few hours or minutes even if it is just once in a day.

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Make Craft

Focus on their interests and develop on them. You can begin with easy paintings and drawings, and then allow them to take the lead. Do you really like animal? Paint some animals, crave them out, and stick them on yarn for the tails and manes. Is your toddler asking about snow and winter? Make craft out of some simple paper snowflakes, make craft out some clay snowmen or play dough, and be sure to build a winter wonderland. There aren’t any wrong or right projects carry out with your toddler. Making crafts and art can be a simple way of spending time with your toddler and this only takes 6-12 minutes or make out time for a make craft activity day that you and your toddler can enjoy together for a long time. Let your toddler’s creativity always lead the way!

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Watch A Movie

Most parents opt to ignore television altogether which is totally cool. But all the same, watching a movie with your baby is still cool. Do not just switch it on as a way of distracting them or keeping your child occupied. Always create some extra time to stay at home and watch a movie with your toddler, like your baby’s best cartoons with them, or you can have a movie night out where you watch all your best Harry Potter films or Pixar movies. But some pizza, get some popcorn, and make it be a bonding opportunity with your toddler!

Sing Songs Together

Having special songs, you sing with your toddler is a very good bonding activity. Singing with your kid does not only create a good relationship, but it also teaches them how to sing. You can sing Songs together and even play a piano while singing with your kid. Get used to your baby’s favorite songs to enable you and your baby always Sing Songs Together!

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Look at Family Pictures

Family is very important. Look at family pictures, always make out time to look through the family photo gallery, this is really important as it helps your toddler know the faces of both his siblings that are at home and those who are far for home because of some certain reasons like school activities, on a job or on vacation.

Paint or Draw A Picture Together

Drawing and painting is an art activity. Drawing pictures with your toddler is very important, not only for bonding, but it also educates them at their little level. Always make out extra time to paint or draw a picture together with your kid.

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Have A Tea Party

Having a tea party with your toddler is a good way of spending time with them. This is a simple but important relationship to have with your baby. Have A Tea Party. Tea makes children happy this activity it also contributes greatly to the health of your toddler!

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Build Something

Building Legos, a fort or even a mega block with your kid is a good thing. Always Build Something. As this contributes to the creativity of your kid at his little level. Why not create time as a mother and try to spend it with your kid this way!



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Do Puzzles

You can also spend time with your toddler when you Do Puzzles of different types. Especially animals and number puzzles. Alphabetic puzzles are also helpful. Spending time with your kid this way is not expensive but yet very useful!

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Play and Learn Colors with Plasticine Modelling

Teach your kids the various types of colors while spending time with them.  Colors are beautiful and will always make your toddler happy. Every color has its own language. Spend time to Play and learn colors with plasticine modeling today!

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Go Outside

Going Outside on walks with your toddler is not a bad way of spending time with him or her. You can always Go Outside or take your kid to the park, an ice cream shop, the swimming pool, bike rides, amusement parks and even to the Gymboree!

Ask Your Toddler What They Would Like to Do with You

There are many things your toddler might want to do with you like playing with your hair, painting your face, eating with you, sleeping with you, watching a movie together or playing games, and many more. But you have to give them the opportunity to do these things by asking them what they would like to do with you. Who knows?! maybe they will have a new killer idea ?