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What is the best natural remedy for baby teething pain?

Top Natural Teething Remedies for Baby


Teething is one of the most difficult times for parents but especially for children. From 3 months to 12 months, teeth can start coming in. Some symptoms include excessive drooling, sensitive red guns, inconsolable crying, and a decreased appetite. Natural remedies can really help to ease your baby’s pain and give them comfort.

Some of these natural remedies are like:

  1. Peeled ginger root

Ginger is an anti-inflammatory which helps to relieve the pain in teething pain. It naturally soothes the nerve endings in the gums. To get the strongest effect of the ginger, rub a slice of peeled ginger on your baby’s gums for 2-3 minutes.

  1. Ground Cloves

Cloves has oils with numbing properties. Make a paste of ground cloves, water, coconut oil or unsalted butter and chili and rub it on the gums.

  1. Freeze a washcloth

Freeze a damp washcloth. Then allow your baby to chew on it for cool. This provides a numbing sensation.

  1. Chamomile or camilia

Camilia is an over the counter product which contains chamomile. It provides relief for pain irritability.

  1. Chewing on a toothbrush

Chewing on a toothbrush promotes good dental health. One, it gets them used to have their brush in their mouth. Two, it gives their gums a nice massage.

  1. Vanilla extract

Vanilla extract has soothing agents which reduce your baby’s anxiety. In addition, it contains trace amounts of alcohol which provide a warm and comforting sensation.

  1. Freeze a bottle

Fill a bottle with water and freeze it. As you freeze it, place it upside down so that the water is frozen in the nipple. Then let the baby chew on the cold nipple.

  1. Chilled spoons

The American Dental Association recommends this remedy. All you need to do is chill a metal spoon in the refrigerator for a few hours and then let the baby bite on it. You can also use a wooden mixing spoons because they have a great hard texture that babies love.

  1. Mom’s or dad’s fingers

This is a simple solution yet it works wonders. Simply rub and massage your baby’s guns with a firm touch from the index finger.

  1. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is comforting for some young teethers but for some, it may actually increase the discomfort. Get to know whether breastfeeding works for your baby or not.

  1. DIY rice pouches

To make a rice pouch, place one tablespoon of raw rice into the middle of the washcloth then wrap it up and tie it off with a rubber band. Place it in the freezer. Before giving it to your baby to hold or chew, wet the pouch a little bit. Your baby will enjoy the texture of the rice.

Teething can be a difficult period in childhood development yet it is a stage every child has to go through. These natural remedies will help you give your baby a better time as he or she teethes.