25+ Easy Decorated Christmas Cookies to DIY This Year
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25+ Decorated Christmas Sugar Cookies to DIY This Year

Looking for fun and inspiring Christmas sugar cookies to DIY this holiday season? We have 25+ adorable and simple ideas to try. It’s the perfect activity to share with the kids, friends and loved ones.

25+ Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipes with Icing to DIY This Year

1. Santa, Candy Canes and Christmas Trees

Christmas sugar cookie, Photo credit: @thesugarlion

These inspiring cookies are everything we love about Christmas! Elegant and full of style, these are definitely one of our favorites this year! Decorating your own cookies can be simple. Just grab your favorite Christmas-themed cookie cutters and pipe white, light pink, and beige frosting to decorate each shape. Make sure to visit @thesugarlion for more stunning cookie ideas. 

2. Snowflakes and Stockings

These sugar cookies are so tasty, and the frosting is easy to make. All it takes is a few ingredients:

Just add the frosting to the piping bags, and start decorating your sugar cookies.

3. Insanely Cute Sugar Cookie Frosting

Decorated Christmas sugar cookies, Photo credit: @veryverosweetsbydesign

Here’s another gorgeous sugar cookie frosting style for your favorite cookie shapes. Full of creativity and elegance, these cookies bring a touch of joy and are fun to make. And it calls for just a few ingredients, like:

Don’t forget the Cookie icing tools and sprinkles to add glitter and candy can stripes. Check our this recipe that will help you make this style of frosting we love:

4. Gingerbread and Holly

These Christmas cookies are a childhood favorite, but you don’t have to go with the classic gingerbread man shape for these.

These round ginger cookies are dipped in white chocolate and feature an adorable holly decoration made from red and green frosting. The holly decoration may be a little tricky, but dipping half the cookie in the white chocolate is easy.

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5. Christmas Lights Sugar Cookies

These Christmas lights sugar cookies look fancy, but they’re really easy to recreate at home.

Once the frosting has hardened, you can pack them up and give them away as treats.

6. Blue and White Christmas Trees

These cookies are gorgeous. The blue and white colors give them a fancy look, but they’re really easy to make at home.

To decorate these cookies, you’ll need blue frosting, white frosting and white nonpareils.

You can even add a little star sprinkle to the top of the tree if you want.

7. Christmas Wreath

These Christmas wreath cookies are so cute, and it’s really simple to make this design with frosting.

You can add this design to sugar cookies or even ginger cookies. You’ll need just a few supplies:

Follow the steps in the Pin above to bring this design to life.

8. Christmas Tree Ornament Cookies

Decorated Christmas Sugar Cookies, Photo credit: @petit_bonheur74

You can’t go wrong with these beautiful ornament style cookies! Christmas sugar cookies designed to look like ornament are fairly common during the holidays. You’ll need to have cookie cutters for this design, and you’ll find this one on Amazon is a great option.

You can make or buy sugar cookie dough and buy an assortment of icing and sprinkles to put on top of the cookies.

9. Melted Snowmen

These melted snowmen cookies are so cute and perfect for kids to make because they’re so easy. Start with a sugar cookie base. Then add:

10. Snowmen with Earmuffs

How cute are these snowman cookies? They’re so simple to decorate with just a few supplies:

11. Snowman Sugar Cookies

Here’s another cute variation of snowman cookies. These have blue hats with sprinkles. While they look complicated, this design is simple.

Start with a white frosting base. Use black frosting to make the smile and eyes, and use orange frosting for the nose. Add blue frosting to make the hat and white sprinkles as the base.

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12. Santa Face Cookies

These Santa face Christmas sugar cookies are perfect for the kids to decorate. First, you’ll need Santa cookie cutters. For the decorations, you’ll need cookie frosting and pipe bags.

13. Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

Changing it up a bit, these pumpkin cookies are adorable. You’ll need pumpkin cookie cutters, orange, blue, cream and brown frosting and a simple sugar cookie recipe.

14. Star Snowmen

Even if you have zero artistic skill, you can easily make these star-shaped snowmen. You’ll need a star cookie cutter, white, black and orange frosting. And you’ll just need some sugar cookie batter for these treats.

15. Simple Sugar Cookies

Simple and fast to make, your biggest challenge will be choosing the right cookie shapes. These cookie cutters are a great option. You’ll want to use sugar cookie batter for these cookies along with an abundance of icing colors, primarily white and green.

Add in some M&Ms and you’re good to go.

16. 45-minute Snowman

In 45 minutes, you can make these butter snowman cookies. You’ll need a cookie cutter, and a few different types of icing:

  • Black
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White

Add in some white chocolate for the snowman body or use frosting if you wish.

17. White, Circle Cookies with Small Trees

You’ll think that these cookies are so simple until you realize the small designs are made with icing. You’ll need to have a piping bag and tips set (this one is amazing), and can opt for any type of cookie batter that you like.

18. Christmas Light Cookies

You’ll need Christmas light bulb cookie cutters for these cookies, and you can use any type of batter you wish. Since the color of the bulbs is made from dyed granulated and powdered sugar, you’ll want to stick with a simple cookie batter, such as vanilla, instead of sugar cookies.

19. Easy Christmas Trees

These Christmas cookie decorations are so pretty and simple to make. The shape of the cookie plays a big part in making it look so adorable and fancy.

Use Linzer cookie cutters to get this same shape. As for the rest of the decoration, you’ll need:

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20. Reindeer Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies made into circular shapes with a reindeer face? These will be the topic of discussion at the dinner table this Christmas, and they’re so easy to make. You can just make the sugar cookie dough into balls and they’ll flatten out on their own.

You’ll need a red M&M for the nose and can add eyes and horns with brown icing.

21. Gingerbread Wreath Cookies With a Bow

I don’t know what to call this “shape,” but you can recreate it or choose another shape if you like. What’s most important about these cookies is the unique design on them. You’ll need to cover the top of the cookie with either white icing or chocolate.

Next, you’ll need pearl sugar balls, and light- and medium-green icing.

And for the cute bow, you’ll need red icing. You can use this frosting kit with piping bags and tips to help.

22. Realistic Christmas Tree Cookies

I’m not quite sure that I’ve seen Christmas tree cookies look this realistic. Perfect for beginners, these cookies are made with vanilla buttercream, so you know they’ll taste delicious. You can use these cookie cutters for the trees and you’ll need other ingredients, such as:

  • Cocoa to dye the frosting
  • Green frosting
  • Red frosting
  • Vanilla buttercream frosting

And once complete, these cookies can easily stay on the counter for three days without spoiling.

23. Iconic Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread men are an iconic cookie choice during Christmas, but you’ll need a good cookie cutter set (like this one on Amazon) to make your men uniform in shape and size. As for the rest of the ingredients, all you’ll need is red, white and green icing to make the outline for the face, hands and feet.

24. Christmas Tree Oreos

Oreos that are decorated with Christmas trees on them is such an amazing idea. You don’t even need to bake these treats, so they’ll take no time at all to make. However, you’ll need a few things:

You can also use a bit of icing to create a tree on the Oreo, too.

25. Santa Cookies

How adorable are these cookies? And all you’ll need to make this Santa cookie is a few ingredients:

  • All-purpose flour
  • Sugar
  • Sea salt
  • Nutmeg
  • Cornstarch
  • Vanilla extract
  • Butter

And with some red and white icing and a few red and green M&M’s, you’ll have some of the cutest cookies in town.

26. Simple Gingerbread Delight

Gingerbread cookies scream “Christmas,” and these scrumptious cookies will be a fan favorite this holiday season. Add some white chocolate, and red and green icing decorations, such as a tree with ornaments, and these treats are done.

And the best part? You just have to roll the gingerbread dough into a ball and let them flatten out when cooked.

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