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25 Cutest Baby Shower Invitations We Love the Most

Baby Shower Invitations

Looking for cute baby shower invitations? We have you covered. We’ve rounded up 25 of the cutest baby shower invites to make your party planning and hosting easy as pie.

25 Cutest Baby Shower Invitations We Love the Most

1. Woodland Theme Printable Invitation

Woodland themed showers are adorable, and this printable invitation is perfect for the occasion. We love the whimsical deer, raccoon and fox, and the green foliage really ties the whole thing together.

The center of the page is blank, so you can edit the file and add your own details. The best part about this invitation is that it’s 100% free to download.

2. Boho Invite

We love the simplicity and elegance of this baby shower invitation. The elegant earthy brown color gives off some serious boho vibes.

There’s space to add all of your party’s details and where the mom-to-be is registered. You can customize and print these invitations over at  

3. Botanical Themed Invite

Botanical themed baby shower invitations are always a great choice because they’re gender neutral and celebrate new life. This invitation is simple in design, but the layout and fonts make it so elegant and chic.

You can grab invitations just like these on Amazon, and they even come with Diaper Raffle and Books for Baby cards.

4. DIY Oh Baby Invites

We love the green foliage wreath on these invites, which reminds us of the circle of life and the beauty of new life. These invites are gender neutral and have plenty of space for all of your details.

It’s easy to customize this invitation using Adobe Acrobat Reader and print however many you need. If you don’t want to go through all of that trouble, you can find similar invitations on Amazon that come with Diaper Raffle and Books for Baby cards.

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5. Sparkly Diaper Invites

Want something a little more creative for your baby shower invitations? These glitter diaper invites are so cute and easy to make.

Just print your invite on simple cardstock and tuck it into a cute little glitter diaper. Pin on a bow, and add a little tag to complete the invite. You can find glitter cardstock on Amazon and pre-tied bows in different colors.

6. Free Printable Chalkboard Invite

Chalkboard style invitations are so cute, and this one is free to download. Add the baby’s name, the location of the party and the time.

Don’t forget to grab some white gel pens and invitation envelopes to send out your invites.

7. Onesie Invite Using a Cricut

If you have a Cricut machine at home, you can easily make these invitations yourself. With this invitation, you’ll need to print first and cut after. But the design is so adorable.

Along with a Cricut machine, you’ll also need:

Follow the tutorial below to make this invitation. It’s easier than you think!

8. Zoo Animals Invitation

These adorable zoo animals are sure to capture the hearts of anyone you invite to the baby shower. If you have an animal or botanical themed party planned, these invitations are perfect.

We also love that the design is gender neutral, and there’s plenty of space to add all of your details.

You can grab a really similar invitation from Amazon that has the same adorable animals and theme.

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9. Tropical Botanical Invite Template

Here’s another botanical themed invitation design that’s so simple yet gorgeous. The center geometric frame is surrounded by tropical botanicals and pretty gold dots in the corners.

This invitation is so customizable, and you can easily add your own graphics if you want. Adding a simple “Oh Baby” in the center of the frame and your details below will make this a chic invite that will impress your guests.

10. Ready to Hatch!

This bird-themed invitation is absolutely adorable. The pink and blue birds represent mom and dad, and they’re so excited for the cute little egg in the nest to hatch.

This is a great invitation for a co-ed shower because both parents are represented. Just customize it with your party details, and you’re ready to go.

11. About to Pop Invitation

Here’s a cute retro-style invitation that’s free to customize and print. We love the pastel pink, blue and yellow colors and the balloon theme.

If you have a printer at home, you can start making your own invitations today. Just grab some envelopes (we love these fancy ones with gold borders) and cardstock to get started.

12. Yeah Baby Watercolor Invite

Watercolor baby shower invitations are so beautiful, and this one is especially gorgeous. Best of all – it’s free to download and print. The download includes a blank invitation (in case you want to type out your details) and one with all of the detail placeholders.

You can use these invitations for a boy or a girl. Stock up on cardstock and envelopes, and get to work printing these adorable invitations.

13. Baby Bash

Here’s an adorable co-ed baby shower invitation. This “baby bash” invitation will give your guests all the details they need and includes fun little gold foil details.

You can find a similar invitation on Amazon that comes in a pack of 25 invites.

14. Oh Deer! Invites

How adorable are these doe-themed invitations? The watercolor-style design with pink flowers and botanicals is perfect for a baby shower. The words “Oh deer! A little girl is almost here” really make this invite special.

You can find a really similar invitation on Amazon with options for baby girls and baby boys.

15. Over the Moon Invite

These watercolor baby shower invitations are gorgeous, and they’re perfect for co-ed showers. Let your guests know that mom and dad are “Over the Moon” about their little one.

Choose between navy and burgundy colors. These are printable invitations that you can customize and print at home on heavy cardstock. You can also buy matching welcome signs, books for baby cards and more.

16. Gold Leaf Invitation

These gold leaf invitations are so chic and pretty. The design is gender-neutral and features beautiful earthy gold and green tones.

You can easily customize these invites to include all of the shower’s details. It includes a printable invitation and a printable details card for your guests.

17. Safety Pin Invites

Here’s a fun invitation idea that you can make at home with some basic craft supplies. It uses safety pins to tell the story of mom and dad falling in love and welcoming their little one into the world.

It’s a different take on the usual print-and-send invitations.

For this project, you’ll need:

18. Insanely Cute Cow Invite

These cow invitations are perfect for a western themed baby shower. The cute cow and the flowers, tie the whole thing together.

Just customize the design, print and send it to your guests.

19. Co-Ed Baby Shower Invite

Invite your friends and family to a “tiny human shindig” that celebrates both mom and dad. We love the minimalistic approach to this design and the fresh take on the baby shower name.

20. Build a Library

Here’s a cute baby shower invitation for book-themed or books for baby showers. The library card style of the invitation is perfect, and you can skip the “books for baby” card because it’s printed right on the invitation itself.

21. Baby Elephant and Sunflowers

It doesn’t get more adorable than elephants and sunflowers, and this invitation has both. The floral border and cute little elephant graphic will melt the hearts of your guests.

If you’re planning a virtual party, you can include the information for how to join. Or you can include the location if you’re hosting a regular party.

22. Panda and Giraffe Invitation

This panda and giraffe invitation is perfect for a baby girl. These two adorable zoo animals are snoozing away on pink clouds with pretty gold stars around and a pink watercolor moon.

It’s a simple yet beautiful invitation design that leaves you lots of space in the center to add all of your details.

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23. Who! Who! Owl Invite

If you’re looking for owl-themed baby shower invitations for a little girl, here’s an adorable one. It features a whimsical owl sitting in her nest with a pink rose border.

You can easily customize the details and add registry information at the bottom of the invite.

24. Baby Elephant and Greenery

This adorable invitation design features a baby elephant curled up in mom’s trunk. The template is blank, so you’ll need to get creative with your wording. But the printable is free to download, and there’s plenty of blank space for details.

25. Berry Sweet Invitation

This invitation truly is “berry sweet.” The blue and green colors are perfect for this theme, especially if you’re hosting a summer shower.

This is a printable invitation that can be customized with your info and also includes templates for books for baby cards and more.

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