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Why is Pinterest a great promoting platform for bloggers?

How to increase you blog traffic?

pinterest - best promoting platform for bloggers

There are more than 200 million active users on Pinterest. This number is as big as the other social media platforms, it is substantial especially when you consider the reliable selling power of Pinterest.

For the bloggers, Pinterest is the marketing powerhouse. When users need information about products, they stumble across Pinterest. The platform has a higher ranking as compared to other social platforms. It is because Pinterest users are actively searching for products and services rather than only scrolling through the feed.

You need to understand that Pinterest is different from other social medias, like Facebook or Twitter, because it works like a search engine. That means that by pinning your blog posts and writing the right pin description using the best keywords, you will help users to reach your pins and blog content. You should know that average half-life of a pin is a whopping 3.5 months. Therefore, you really need to have some patients and just give it some time.

If you wonder how Pinterest is better than all other social media platforms, here we have some stats that you should check out.

  1. 98% of users have claimed that they have got the required information while using Pinterest and only 71% said that they found the information on other platforms.
  2. Pinners are 39% more active on social sites as compared to non-pinners.
  3. 93% of Pinterest users are on Pinterest for planning, research or for shopping.
  4. 80% of traffic on Pinterest comes from mobile users due to the amazing features available
  5. 40% of Pinterest users generate household income of $100 k and more per year using the information available on Pinterest.

If you are still confused and wondering why you should promote your blog on Pinterest, here are some of the reasons why.

Have passive traffic

The best thing about Pinterest is that you can easily generate passive traffic. There are many Pinterest users that are looking for tips, tutorials, motivational quotes, and lists. You can easily generate more traffic by sharing your content on Pinterest. You will notice that Pinterest is doing good for everyone. All you have to do is pin your posts to a few group boards or use the facility of repin thread, it will allow you to attract more readers towards your blog with a little effort.

You can boost your online ranking

If you are able to create multiple versions of your pins, you will be able to generate the highest online ranking using Pinterest. It is better that you create 2 to 4 versions of pins of your popular blog posts. When new people will see your pins, they will surely visit your blog and it will help you generate a bettering search engine ranking in limited time. You can even use the keyword search on Pinterest. The Pinterest keyword search is user-friendly and will allow your readers to easily find your blogs and other posts. You will easily get the first place on the first page of search engines like Google.

Email subscribers

With the help of Pinterest, you can easily generate more email subscribers. Pinterest users trust the content they find online because they know that everything available on Pinterest is reliable and trustworthy. It means that if you will pin your email subscription form on Pinterest, most of the readers will automatically subscribe and you will generate the online ranking that you need. A few weeks of hard work and you will be a successful blogger.



pinterest - best promoting platform for bloggers