What To Pin On Pinterest to Get More Traffic?

Content is king

Well, this is one of the obvious quotes that everybody repeats. But do you really understand what it means?

Have you ever tried to stop for a moment and consider what the best content for your Pinterest profile really is?

I thought I knew, but I was wrong! Although my first five months on Pinterest were quite successful, as I managed to generate more than 100,000 monthly page views, for the next few months I couldn’t break through that limit.

Then I realized that my first strategy wasn’t 100% focused on writing ONLY the best content.

How did I come to this conclusion?

I have a few blogs that cover motherhood and parenting. The first one is quite large, with about 200 articles and more than 3,000 Pinterest followers. The second one is a 2-month-old blog with around 120 Pinterest followers.

I decided to conduct an experiment. I wrote two articles about a certain topic. I used the same title for both articles, but the texts were written differently (to avoid duplicate content). I also designed a different Pin to each blog post.

First, I pinned the larger blog article on Pinterest. It took 7 days for both Pins to go viral. The results were outstanding! These two Pins drove more than 7,200 page views to my blog in one day! And that was just the beginning. Over the next 6 months, these two Pins drove more than 100,000 page views to my blog!!!

What to pin on Pinterest

Then, 6 months later, I pinned the smaller blog article. And guess what happened?

BOOM – another viral pin! More than 4,600 page views to this article in one day and more than 14,000 page views in just two weeks!

What to pin on Pinterest

A brand new blog with only 120 Pinterest followers and less than 30 articles was getting this kind of crazy traffic!

Until that point, my goal was to write EVERYTHING about pregnancy and kids. And that was my mistake.

Instead, I needed to write only about the popular topics that my audience was interested in!

I took a break from work and started thinking about the best content to drive me that kind of crazy traffic! That moment caused a switch in my mind and made me change my whole strategy.

I finally felt that I had the answer for all the underperforming Pins that I had created before. Believe me, I had so many articles published and pinned on Pinterest, and no matter what Pins I designed for them, no matter what board I pinned them in first or in what order, no matter if I pinned them manually or with Tailwind, NO MATTER WHAT I DID – they just didn’t drive this kind of traffic, and not even 1% of it!

This study case made me focus my Pinterest strategy. Before that, I was pinning everything that was published on my blog. But my mistake was that the boring stuff just wasn’t driving traffic through Pinterest. The boring stuff was actually hurting my Pinterest profile by lowering my engagement.

Your blog content strategy doesn’t need to be the same as your Pinterest content strategy! These are two different strategies.

If you have the same strategy for both, it will save you time. But if you want your blog to cover everything about motherhood, which is a common blog content strategy, that doesn’t mean that your Pinterest should cover everything, too.


So, now ask yourself again – Do you know what the best content for you is?

Remember – Content is your written articles, but it’s also the titles you create, the images you use, and the Pins you design.

If you are not sure, just pin it, watch the results, and learn from them. Delete all the pins that are simply not working on Pinterest! And write more about the viral stuff.

It’s all about optimizing your content and putting your best content in front!

What kind of content should you write

This is a tricky question, since deciding which article is better is not an exact mathematical science. Whatever you might find extremely interesting may not be as interesting for someone else, and there goes your blog traffic…

So what can you do?

Although as a new blogger you don’t always know exactly what your audience will love, here are a few simple guidelines to follow if you want to write good, monetizable content:

  • Write posts that solve problems. By helping your readers, you will get them to trust you. This will increase your website traffic and monetize your content.
  • Write evergreen content so that your blog always remains relevant.
  • Use attractive and catchy titles to increase the CTR (click through rate).
  • Tell your powerful personal story to gain your readers’ trust.
  • Write your post narrative so that it has short paragraphs that are clearly separated from each other.
  • Write long posts, with a minimum of 500 words. The longer your posts are, the more Google likes them and rewards you. Long posts are the key to increasing your ad revenue too.
  • Write posts about popular topics and try to make them THE BEST EVER. This means that if everybody is writing about the best 10 online clothes shops, then write an article about the best 20 shops!
  • Write posts that are worth pinning and saving for later.

Need an indication of what content is popular on Pinterest?

Use the Pinterest algorithm to tell you what the most popular topics are:

  • Check out Pinterest Audience Insights (Pinterest Analytics) and search for popular topics.
  • Search for popular keywords on Pinterest and look at the top Pins that come up in the results.
  • Check out the notifications you get from Pinterest about Pins suggestions – usually, the top 1-3 are popular pins on Pinterest.
  • Check out which long-tail keywords are popular on Pinterest – use the keyword research from Step 5 to identify the most searchable topics that your audience loves.
  • Check out your Pinterest analytics to find other users’ Pins that have high engagement on your profile.

Remember that it is simple as that! There are specific topics that can drive incredibly high traffic to your blog, no matter if your blog is new or advanced. For that reason, your top priority should be to identify these topics and write your content about them in order to grow your Pinterest traffic.

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