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Pinterest Boards: Organize and optimize your boards

How to Organize Your Boards on Pinterest

As we saw in the previous chapter, Pinterest boards are an extremely important element in your Pinterest marketing strategy. Boards allow you to organize your Pins, create exposure to a new audience, and optimize your Pinterest account by signaling to Pinterest what your blog is all about!

By implementing Pinterest SEO (Step 5), you will help the Pinterest algorithm match the relevant audience with your profile.

In addition to Pinterest board SEO, there are two strategies for using boards:

Board Strategy no. 1: for new Pinterest users with a small number of followers (Step 8).

Board Strategy no. 2 for advanced users with a high number of followers (Step 20).

These two strategies are mainly based on the use of different kinds of boards in different profile-building stages (regular boards and group boards) and their optimization.

Before we approach these strategies, let’s start with the basics of board organization, which is organizing your regular boards. These steps are a must for all profiles at any stage.

Organize and optimize your boards

Boards let Pinterest users organize their Pins around different topics and interests. Any regular board you create will be visible to your audience. You can turn any of your regular boards to a secret board or a group board.

Secret boards are visible only to you or anyone that you invite.

Group boards are just like regular boards, except that the owner can invite collaborators to pin on the board.

When organizing your boards, your goal is to create as many regular boards as you can that are related to your blog niche and are based on Pinterest SEO principles.

By creating these boards, your Pinterest profile will be more searchable on Pinterest’s search engine. This increases your profile visibility and your Pins’ ranking in search results on Pinterest and Smart Feed. That means that more Pinterest users will reach your Pins, because your Pins will appear more often when users search for keywords on Pinterest.

Follow the next steps to organize your boards:

  • In case your Pinterest account already has boards, delete all the boards that aren’t related to your blog topic – or make them secret boards.
  • Start with creating at least 10 regular boards – Use the list of the keywords that you created in Step 5 – Pinterest keyword research. When choosing the boards’ names, try to cover as many popular topics related to your blog niche as you can.
  • Write a description for the board using the related keywords – Write 2-3 sentences that describe the board’s topic, and include a few related keywords and popular synonyms. Be careful not to stuff too many keywords into the description, as it may look “spammy”.

A good board description should look like this:

How to organize my Pinterest boards

  • Add the board’s category (available when you click on edit).
  • Add covers to your boards to brand your account.
  • Make board organization a monthly task – Optimize your board and Pins for keywords on a monthly basis, and add new boards as necessary.
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How to organize Pinterest boards - pinterest for bloggers
How to organize Pinterest boards – Pinterest for bloggers