Manual Pinning Vs Scheduled Pinning

Tailwind Vs Manual Pinning: Which Is Best?

Some say Pinterest rewards manual Pinners…

Others say there is no difference whether you pin manually or schedule your Pins …

What is the truth? What is really better?

No one really knows what kind of pinning method is better, except Pinterest.

We can only guess, and anyone who tells you differently is guessing, too.

But to make a good guess, we can test these pinning methods and look at the results we get in each case.

When I first started pinning, I was a new blogger, and I was skeptical about using a scheduler and therefore didn’t rush to purchase it.

I pinned manually for the first 7 months of blogging.

At first, I was very excited by the idea of blogging for money and I was extremely determined to succeed, so I spent all my time exploring Pinterest.

As I become more experienced, I started to think about ways to optimize my work time. Then, in my seventh month of pinning, I started using Tailwind, which is a Pinterest & Instagram Scheduler, Analytics & Marketing Tool. Tailwind is also on the list of Pinterest’s approved third-party partners.

What did I notice?

I reached the conclusion that you can get a Pin to go viral if you pin that Pin manually or schedule it. In other words, the method you use to publish or repin your pins makes no difference.


An interesting thing that I noticed is that no matter what method you choose to pin, you have to follow an active weekly schedule for managing your Pinterest profile and you must continuously optimize your profile to get better traffic over time.

In other words, if you use a scheduling platform, you can’t just schedule the Pins for the next year, or loop a group of Pins constantly, forget about your Pinterest profile and hope to get the same traffic or even better results over time. You need to work on your profile and pin manually from time to time.

Moreover, if you pin manually, you will have to optimize your profile too, which means that pinning manually alone will not guarantee that you get the best results. Optimization work includes deleting underperforming pins, designing new pins for old articles, engaging with other users, optimizing your keywords, and the other tasks that we covered earlier.

So, what about the question – Should you pin manually or use a scheduler?

Now you know that you can pin manually or use a scheduler and still get the same results. To choose the pinning method that’s best for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have money to purchase the scheduler service? If yes, you should consider purchasing a scheduler because it can save you pinning time.
  • Do you have 30-60 minutes to spend on pinning each day? If not, you should purchase the scheduler and spend that time on monetizing your blog.

It is important to note that the biggest benefit of using Tailwind scheduler is the statistics that it provides you!

Before I started using Tailwind, I was blind. The statistics that Pinterest shows us are very limited. I couldn’t really identify my best performing boards/group boards or my Pins’ repin count. The lack of this information made my optimizing work way harder and, in some cases, even impossible!

So, you should know that the most powerful Pinterest Analytics are available on Tailwind.

In addition to scheduling Pins on Pinterest, Tailwind helps me to:

  • Eliminate underperforming group boards
  • Schedule my Pins for the optimized timeframes (especially if you are located in Europe and your audience is in the USA)
  • Find and delete my underperforming Pins more easily
  • Access profile performance statistics and insights
  • Use the Looper tool and the Tailwind tribes
  • Optimize my Pinterest profile more easily
  • Save time Pinning
  • Go on vacations without being bothered by manual Pinning
  • Get more free time with my kids 😊

Bottom line: If you can’t decide whether to use a scheduler or not, don’t be worried about the scheduler hurting your Pinning results. On the contrary, a scheduler can only help you and save you plenty of time! If you have the money, go for it!

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