Make your Pins Go Viral – The Boost Technique to Get Consistent Traffic

How to Make Your Pins Go Viral

Based on my personal experience, it usually takes up to 14-30 days for a new Pin to go viral, but pinning a Pin once and praying for it to go viral is not something that you want to do.

Instead, to boost your Pin virality, you must repin that Pin to your best relevant boards at least 5-10 times if you want it to realize its maximum potential.

What exactly should you do?

Starting from the day you pin your Pin for the first time, repin that Pin to a relevant board/group board for the next few weeks according to the pinning principles. Use the original Pin URL and repin it.

The boards should be high performing boards. You can determine which board is better based on the relevancy of the topic and the Tailwind “Virality Score” (which you can find in the Boards Insights section). The higher the Virality Score, the better the board.

Try to repin the Pin 50% of the times to your boards and 50% of the times to group boards.

The Boost Technique to Get Consistent Traffic

I have several viral Pins that continue to drive traffic to my blog for months and even years. But they, too, can be expected to end sometime.

Once you have a viral Pin, you know that this Pin is like your winning horse. Keep on promoting this Pin to renew the traffic continuously.

To help keep a Pin viral longer you need to follow the daily pinning principles, and make sure to pin the viral Pins more often to your best and most relevant groups. By doing this you will expose your viral Pin to more relevant people and help it stay viral.

When you have many high performing Pins, make sure to Pin the viral Pins at least twice a week to generate continuous traffic.

 What should you do when your viral Pins no longer drive traffic and repinning them doesn’t help?

Sometimes, repinning Pins that used to be viral no longer works. Maybe for this specific time, this Pin has run its course. Try to take a break for a few months and then try to revive it.

Reviving a Pin is very similar to the new Pin pinning technique. You need to list your best 7-10 boards and group boards (based on a high Tailwind “Virality Score” and relevant board topics) and repin that Pin to these boards for the next few weeks.

In addition, try to boost that Pin’s engagement by adding other users’ comments under the Pin (you can ask a friend or a family member to use their Pinterest profile to add a comment). 3-5 new comments should be great. Reply to these comments, too.

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