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Introduction to Pinterest

Pinterest is a game changer

What is Pinterest and how can it help you?

Pinterest is not just a social media platform, it is a giant visual search engine where users can upload, search, sort, and manage images. You can think of Pinterest as the Google of images, which are actually the Pins.

Almost every Pin on Pinterest leads to a website. Unlike Facebook, Instagram or other social media that do their best to prevent users from leaving their platforms, Pinterest encourages users to click on the Pins and immediately view the content in the original web source. This Pinterest feature combined with a good Pinterest pinning strategy make it a GREAT source of traffic for your website!

In addition to the high number of Pinterest’s active users โ€” 250 million monthly users in October 2018 โ€”  one of the greatest benefits of Pinterest is the long lifetime of Pins compared to other social media posts. A single Pin can send high traffic to your blog for more than 6 months!

I can honestly say that since I started using Pinterest as one of my blog’s main traffic sources, I moved one step forward towards the big league of successful bloggers and my monthly revenue has increased significantly.

As a result, I stopped wasting my time trying to promote my blog on other platforms and focused mainly on Pinterest and Google. With my new blog, I managed to reach almost 200,000 page views in less than a year, while giving birth to my second son and raising my oldest son. At the time I joined Mediavine, only 5 months after I started my new blog, I already reached 110,000 monthly page views and became a full-time blogger!

So yes, Pinterest was a game changer for me, and it can be yours, too!

All you need to do is to follow my Pinterest strategy, after adjusting it to your needs, and watch the traffic numbers rising in your analytics account. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Pinterest Audience and popular niches

According to Pinterest’s Audience Insights (a new analytics feature from Pinterest, for Business accounts), most users are middle-aged women interested mainly in DIY activities or recipes. There are men using Pinterest as well and fortunately, there are more popular niches besides DIY and recipes.

Here are the most popular niches on Pinterest (according to Pinterest Audience Insights):

  • DIY and crafts
  • Home dรฉcor
  • Education
  • Art
  • Beauty
  • Women fashion
  • Event planning
  • Food and recipes
  • Health & nutrition
  • Sport
  • Travel
  • Gardening
  • Motherhood, parenting & kids
  • Finance

So, how does this list of popular Pinterest niches affect your blog?

Well, if your blog is about any of these niches, it will be easier for you to drive high traffic to your website. If not, it might be challenging. Using Pinterest’s Audience Insights, you need to identify your target market. Please note, if your target audience does not use Pinterest, you shouldnโ€™t waste your time on promoting your content using this platform. This is the first evergreen marketing rule you need to know.

I used to think that I should be passionate about my blog niche in order to succeed, but that is not correct. I wasted my time on writing articles which I thought were outstanding, but I was the only one who thought this! Do you know why? Because they werenโ€™t driving the traffic I needed for my blog to succeed. The truth is that the only one who should be passionate about my blog niche is my audience.

So, guess what? You need to write for your audience, so you better know who Pinterest users are and what they are passionate about!

Understand Pinterest

There are a few rules you need to follow to succeed with Pinterest. But before we get to them, you need to understand what Pinterest wants.

Like other social media and digital businesses, Pinterest wants to succeed at what it’s doing. To succeed, Pinterest needs to have a high number of users.


To attract users, Pinterest must provide the best content to the relevant audience. Therefore, if you want your Pins to be ranked at the top, you must create this “BEST CONTENT”! It is as simple as that!

How does Pinterest know what the best content is?

By collecting and analyzing data.

Data such as:

  • Pins that have the highest repin rate, click rate, close-up rate, save rate, etc.
  • Profiles that have a higher number of followers, who use certain keywords/topics, etc.

Based on these analytics and data, Pinterest can scale the profiles that have the most relevant and highest quality content, and direct it to the most relevant audience.

Main guidelines to succeed on Pinterest:

  • Create the best content you can
  • Put your best content in front
  • Optimize your profile so Pinterest will see that your content is the best
  • Don’t spam
  • Follow your strategy persistently until you succeed

Pinterest Smart Feed

In early 2014, Pinterest introduced the Smart Feed, which technically meant that Pinterest transitioned from a chronological feed to a user-search-based feed.

The new Smart Feed algorithm, which is the way Pinterest sorts and rates pin quality, relies heavily on the visuality of the content, the textual data appearing beneath the image of the pin (the pin description), and other profile ratings.

To promote your pins effectively, you must be able to predict exactly what your customer wants and is looking for.

How can you do this? Well, this is what you are going to learn if you keep reading.

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