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How to use keywords in Pinterest boards and descriptions

How to Improve Your Pinterest Visibility and Engagement

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There are many pinners who are using Pinterest for a long time, but they have been unable to generate leads that they have always wanted. The reason they have been unsuccessful is that they have not optimized their profile properly. One of the best ways to optimize your profile properly is by using the right keywords. Most of the individuals have been able to find the best keywords for their Pinterest but they are unable to use them properly. The Pinterest boards and descriptions are the most important places where you should add keywords. Here are some Pinterest strategies that will allow you to use the keywords properly.

Pin Descriptions

There are many pinners who know that they have to fill their alt texts, however, it is not the only place where you have to use the keywords. If you are planning to upload your pin directly without the image, you will have to add the keywords in the descriptions properly. Here are some of the steps you have to follow.

When you are adding the images to your pin board you have to write the description. Make sure that you maintain the keyword density by adding the keywords according to the number of words that you are writing. Add the keys in the beginning and end of the description. If you want you can also add the keywords in the body of the description. Make sure you do not overuse the keywords.

Board Titles

When you are adding keywords to the board title you have to keep it simple. Remember that you have to consider your target audience in your mind. In case you are a lifestyle blogger or you have a higher audience, make sure that you keep your titles attractive to attract more users. You have to be very specific with your titles to assure that your customer will know about the information they will get by clicking on the pin. You have to get creative with the titles and keywords. Make sure that you naturally use the keyword in the title to make it look more realistic.

Board Descriptions

Board descriptions are the place where you can add the keywords on your own terms. There are no rules and regulations that you will have to follow in order to add the keywords properly. You can easily create the long-term keyword sentences that you like the most. Make sure that you add the keywords in a natural and creative way. It will automatically rank higher on the search engines.

Apart from the description and boards, there are many other places where you can add the keywords. You can also adjust the keywords in your image texts, titles, and profile. You have to assure that you normally use the keywords like it is the part of your content. That is the only way your content will not be labeled and spam and you can easily generate more leads.