How to Track your best pins with Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to find your best Pinterest pins

To put your best Pins in the front and promote them by repining them to your best boards, you will have to track them. Pinterest provides Analytics tools for its business profiles, but unfortunately, this information is limited and insufficient.

To track the best performing Pins in Google Analytics, follow these steps:

  • Access your Google Analytics account. In the main navigation menu on the left click – “Behavior” > “Site Content” > “Landing Pages”.

How to track Pinterest pins on Google analytics

  • Select the dates (on the top right).
  • Add the “Referral Path” as the secondary dimension of the table columns.

How to track Pinterest pins on Google analytics

  • Then, for each “Landing Page” column, you will see the “Referral Path.” This means that you will see the Pinterest Pin that brings the most traffic to that landing page.
  • To reach the Pin page: copy the serial number of that pin. It should look like this “/pin/348817933638111000” and paste it to this URL –

Now that you know how to find the best performing Pins, make a list of the best 10 Pins that drive the most traffic to your site. You can mark these Pins as Rating 1 Pins in your follow-up spreadsheets.

Remember! These Pins should be your top priority for repining into your top boards.

What About Pin Duplication

Pin duplication is a situation when your Pin, which has a specific URL, is repinned by other Pinterest user and gets a new different URL. In this case, when tracking the best performing Pins in Google Analytics, you will see that there are several URLs that lead to the same Pin of yours.

What should you do? Which Pin URL should you use? 

When tracking the best performing Pins weekly, copy and use the most performing Pin URL, mark it as a Scale 1 Pin in your spreadsheets and repin it. This will ensure that you are repinning the “hottest” Pin at that certain point, and it will help you boost your engagement.

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How to Track your best pins with Google Analytics
How to Track your best pins with Google Analytics