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How to increase your blog traffic with Pinterest

The best tips for promoting your blog on Pinterest

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increase traffic with Pinterest

There are many bloggers who are planning to use Pinterest as the main marketing tool for their blog. However, they are confused about how they can increase their online ranking with the help of the platform and what they need to do for increasing their blog traffic. Here we have some of the top Pinterest strategies that you can use to promote your blog.

Share high-quality content

Your content is the life of your blog. You will be only able to make your readers come back only if you will share the best quality content. Make sure that you share the best content that is helpful for your readers and will provide them with the information that they want. Assure that the content you are sharing has no grammatical errors or typos. You have to keep the content simple and creative. Know your audience and assure that your content is very easy to read and understand. It should be interesting and engaging.

Add images to the post content that are suitable to pin on Pinterest

Once you have properly written the content and optimized it, assure that you add images to the content. You should know that you can pin the images on your Pinterest boards. If you will use the right images, it will make your content more relatable and your visitors will know what they are getting into.

Make sure that you add several reliable images into your content in the right size. It is highly recommended to use tall images – Pinterest says 600 x 900 pixels is optimal – or any 2:3 size. If you want, you can easily share all the images of your content to your Pinterest board, which will help you make your post go viral. Make the pins clickable by adding links to your blog, so that your readers can easily reach the content you have shared on your Pinterest profile.

Create attractive visual content

For making an attractive visual content you must use great photos. Here you have two options:

The first one is to take your own photos – For this you must have a good camera. For my blog and Instagram, I bought this Canon camera, which is half professional and very easy to use. Sometimes I use my iPhone which also has a fantastic camera.

The great benefit of taking your own photos is that this way you can express yourself and your style much better, and it is highly attracting followers.

The second option is to download quality photos from Stock Photo websites – Sometimes you need a photo that is very hard to take, therefore you can just buy it. For my blog I use DepositPhotos, which offers an affordable package for bloggers – 30 quality photos for only 29$! Best value for your money.

Use Pinterest ads to promote the content

If you find it hard to grab the attention of readers or you are new to Pinterest, you easily can use Pinterest promotion service that is available for business profiles. You can easily select the target audience according to their demographics, location, age, and gender. Add the required information and select the ads that you like. It will help the automation tool of Pinterest to automatically attract more customers. You will surely notice the traffic on your blog that will increase. You can use the ads a few times and it will help increase your leads.

Optimize your pins by using the proper keywords

One of the most important things you must do is the utilization of the keywords. You have to assure that you use the high-quality keywords in your content as well as use the same keywords in the images and board pins that you will be sharing on Pinterest. It will affect your SEO rankings and it will help you generate more leads. After that you have to assure that you share the content at the right time, so you can easily expose to your audience and generate leads.

Pinterest will help you succeed in limited time. Make sure that you use the platform properly. Use the best Pinterest strategies, so you will never lose your online audience.