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How to implement Pinterest SEO

How to optimize your Pinterest for SEO

how to implement Pinterest SEO

Pinterest has been rapidly evolving over the past few years and it is a trending social network that has a powerful visual presence on the search engines. In order to be discovered by the users, you can easily optimize your presence on Pinterest.

If you want to be successful using Pinterest it is important that you make your pins easily discovered for all the online users with the help of proper SEO optimization. Optimization of your Pinterest account is not difficult, and all you need to do is to follow few SEO rules. Here we have a few simple Pinterest strategies that you can use to enhance your search engine ranking.

Optimize your profile

Before you can start pinning, it is easy to tweak your profile by selecting the right username. You can easily change the username in your setting and select the one that reflects the personality of your business. Assure the username is simple and attractive that visitors will remember. You can use this username in the URL that will turn into your keyword.

Board optimization

You have to make your boards appealing and properly organized. Pay attention to the titles as well as the images you are using on your Pinterest boards. You can be playful with the titles and images that you are using on Pinterest.

To make it SEO optimized you need to add your keywords to the titles and description of your boards and sections. Make sure that images will quickly load by optimizing their sizes, because users might not like if your board is taking time to load. As well as you can link your images to important and relevant blog posts that will be helpful for your visitors.

Optimize your pins

Every pin you are using on Pinterest will represent your profile. It means that you have to properly optimize your pins on Pinterest. Help the search engines to discover your pins by making it more descriptive and interesting. Click here to learn more about How to Write a Great Pinterest Pin Description>

Pay attention to your descriptions

Your descriptions need your attention. You will not always get a chance to write a lot of words in the descriptions. It is better that you write longer descriptions that will convey the perfect message to your customers (write 3-5 sentences). Make sure that you include all the important information in the description. Optimize the description properly using the keywords, so that it will rank higher on the search engines.

Keyword research is important

One of the most important things you have to consider is the keywords you are using. You have to assure that you use the best quality keywords on the Pinterest.

  1. Conduct a proper keyword research to assure that you can use the best keywords on Pinterest.
  2. Always pick the highest-ranking keywords, so that your customers can easily find you.
  3. Assure that you naturally use the keywords in the description.
  4. If you will overuse the keywords, Pinterest will consider it as spam and your profile will not be ranked.

Discover what are the steps for making an effective keywords research – Click here to reach the full guide (Start a successful blog guide – Step 14)

You have to make your Pinterest account look attractive to assure that customers will spend more time on your profile.