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How to earn money from blogging?

blogging -the best work from home job


Making money through a blog is not an easy task but if planed and executed properly it can earn you a decent income. The idea is to set up a blog properly and then work towards making it successful. The article will help you learn what are the steps and how to earn money from blogging.

What you need to do is:

  • Set up a blog – Here you can find the best free guide for starting a blog.
  • Start writing useful content for your blog
  • Find readers for your blog and build a loyal audience
  • Start engaging people to visit your blog
  • Start earning money via affiliate marketing or other ways of income generating ways.

The entire process may sound simple but you need to know how to carry out each step so that your blog earns money.

Start your blog

You need to have a blog to start making money. Well, you do not need to have a technical background to start a blog. You can learn through many websites on the internet as how you can set up a blog.

Start feeding your blog with creative and meaningful content

A blog without relevant content doesn’t hold any value. So, you need to pay attention to writing meaningful and unique content for your blog. The content you need to write entirely depends on the topic chosen by you and remember you need to write relevant content according to the niche you choose.

Make the content useful and sensible. Make sure your content should change the life of people who read it in a positive way. They should feel connected with the content while reading it and help them in every way. The content should make people read it and trust you if you want to make money via blog.

You can go through a plenty of articles on how the content should be for your blog.

Start searching readers for your blog

After you create meaningful content for your blog then spend more time on searching for readers for your blog. It is equally important to promote your blog apart from just building your blog. Now, just start promoting your blog.

Wait and think about the audience that would read the blog. Once you find out the audience that is reading the blog then find out where exactly that audience is engaging online. Try to find out if they are focussing on specific blogs or they are on specific forums. Are they hearing the podcasts or they are interacting on social media? If so, the accounts they are actually following on social media networks.

The whole idea is to build online presence and relationships instead of getting into spammy activities.

Interact with your incoming readers and engage them

After you circulate engaging and relevant content on your websites, you will see visitors coming to your blog and showing interest in your content.

At this moment you should interact with those readers and start building a community. You can start responding the comments and interact with them in whichever way you can to keep them engaged and make them visit your site repeatedly.

When you start connecting with the existing readers and remain connected to them, they will start doing publicity for your blog by recommending it to others to read your blog.

If you get engaged readers, it can also help fetch money.

Tip: Start promoting your blog on Pinterest to drive huge traffic to your blog! Read this article to learn more about Pinterest blog marketing.

Income through advertisers

When your blog drives in lot of traffic and your brand progresses there will be many advertisers who would be interested in paying you to access your audience.

Income through Affiliates

Affiliate promotions have gained a lot of popularity and make a great source of income. Affiliate programs are great for bloggers to monetize their blogs. If you have a good network of audience on your blog, they will surely follow the products that you recommend them.

Income through Events  

Now more and more bloggers are adopting the idea of making money through events. They run events like big conferences and these events are like charge the readers to be part of the event or they try to find a sponsor for any event.

Business promotion

Many businesses like the idea of using their blogs to make some money and divert their audience to the business site.

Offering services

Many bloggers offer different services to their audience to make money. These services include consulting, coaching, copywriting, design or other services.

Sell Products

Many bloggers sell products through their blogs like course, eBooks etc. The virtual products sold via blog can be quite lucrative. The virtual products can range from eBooks, software, course material, reports etc.

Some bloggers also send physical products like t-shirts etc. The merchandise sold through blogs can also fetch bloggers a decent amount of money.

Multiple streams to generate income

Most people work as full time bloggers and they use multiple streams to generate money. It is indeed a smart idea to split the source of income in more than one source. It is like if one or the other way of generating income doesn’t work you always have second or third one to generate money.

Direct income

While many bloggers believe in generating income from multiple sources there a few who believe in sticking to their blog only to make money. They set up Ad sense on their blogs and promote Amazon affiliate and earn income through affiliates. Read more about How To Make Money Blogging here.

The above tips can help you start and make your blog an income generating source. Everything takes time and efforts. You need to actually monitor your blog on a regular basis to help attract more traffic. It becomes easy to generate money through your blog once you get a good traffic.

You need to be patient and keep interacting with your audience on regular basis as they can help you gain more readers through recommendations. Make sure you post great content that your audience will love. You can always build a healthy relationship with your readers and keep posting interesting and useful content for them. Content forms the base of blogging and you should not ignore it.

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