How Many Pins Should You Pin a Day

How Often Should You Pin on Pinterest?

One of the most common questions is, how many Pins should I pin a day?

Is there really an optimum number of Pins per day?

Many bloggers think that pinning a certain number of Pins a day is what determines the success of their Pinterest marketing efforts. While that is partly true, I want to share my theory about how this works and how should we choose this number.

Why do I recommend pinning 20-50 Pins a day?

First, let’s start with eliminating the extreme numbers.

Let’s agree that pinning 10 Pins a day just seems too low and therefore it might generate pretty low engagement rates for most profiles, especially for new bloggers. On the other hand, pinning 300 Pins a day might look spammy to Pinterest, and we don’t want to end up in “Pinterest jail” (be suspended from Pinterest).

I believe that every Pinterest profile, board, and Pin, has a score or index that the Pinterest algorithm uses to rank it on Pinterest.

When you use Tailwind, an example of such an index is the “Engagement Rate” (for profiles), the “Virality score” (for boards), and the “Repins count ” (for Pins).

While I’m sure there might be other indices that Pinterest calculates and uses to rank the profiles/boards/Pins, I think that the indices that Tailwind provides are great indicators for our optimization efforts.

Tailwind’s “Engagement Rate”  

Let’s focus on Tailwind’s “Engagement Rate” for ranking profiles, which is the ratio of Pins with at least 1 repin to Pins with no repins.

In fact, the higher this ratio is, the better your profile is performing, since are greater percentage of your Pins are being repinned.

Considering the fact that not every Pin you pin is repinned, the more you pin daily, the lower the chances are that this ratio will increase.

In other words, the number of Pins you should pin daily depends on your profile optimization efforts and your Pins’ virality.

Based on my personal experience, when I started using Pinterest, I used to pin around 100-200 pins a day. Over time I noticed that although I limited my daily Pin number to 20-40, my traffic increased.

On my second blog, I started Pinning only 20 Pins daily and still got incredibly high traffic results. You should know that also Tailwind experts shared that their most successful users pin 15-25 Pins per day on average.

Sometimes “LESS IS MORE”.

Therefore, an average between 20-50 Pins a day seems to be a good number of Pins to pin daily without being overwhelmed by the work or spamming Pinterest.

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